10 Most Popular Questions about Class B RVs Answered
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10 Most Popular Questions about Class B RVs Answered

Dec 17, 2020

Camper vans, Class B RVs, small motorhomes, B vans, conversion vans and even explorer vans - no matter what you call them, you want to know more. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. This week, we’re breaking down everything you want and need to know about Class B motorhomes. 

What is a Class B RV?

A traditional Class B contains all of the motorhome’s features within a van body, without any additional walls, floors or roofs added in the manufacturing process. The most popular van platforms include the Ram ProMaster®, Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter, and Ford Transit®. RV manufacturers find ingenious ways to convert these van interiors into a functional kitchen, bedroom, and living space. A camper van is a steady place that you can call home while traveling. 

Can a Class B RV tow a car?

Most Class B vans have some ability to tow. In many cases towing is limited to 3500-lbs or less. If your vehicle is less than the rated towing capacity and tongue weight, and you have a proper braking system, a van can be a great way to pull a small vehicle. You can always learn more about Weights, Towing and Capacity on our blog. Although, if you think about it, camper vans’ unobtrusive, compact design allows you to go anywhere. 

How much is Class B RV insurance?

Because Class B motorhomes are the smallest in size and don’t include any slide-outs, they are typically the least costly to insure. Of course, it all depends on your provider, coverage, and whether you live in your motorhome full-time or are a weekend adventurer, but it typically ranges between $500 and $1000/year. Check out our blog on RV insurance if you’d like to learn more.

Do Class B Motorhomes have bathrooms?

Some explorer vans come with a bathroom, and others do not. Sequence andTellaro both come with marine-grade wet baths, which means that the bathroom’s entirety can get damp and remain intact. You’ll have a shower, storage, counter space, a sink and either a cassette or foot-flush toilet. Without being dependent upon other facilities, you’re able to get off the grid for a more extended period.

What kind of gas mileage does a Class B RV get?

Depending on terrain and vehicle upfitting, the range of gas mileage for a Class B van differs. Compared to Class Cs and Class As, Class Bs are likely the most fuel-efficient option in the motorhome market and we’d expect miles per gallon to range in the mid to high teens. Whether you’re traveling from state to state as a nurse, for philanthropic purposes, or to see the country, you’ll have a great place to call home. 

What is the shortest Class B RV? 

Most Class B vans range from 17 feet to 23 feet in length, 9 feet to 11 feet in height, and 8 feet in width - making them our smallest motorhomes available. However, it’s best to check the Class B RV specifications to get the precise dimensions of the vehicle you’re interested in - especially if you want to make sure it fits in your garage. Our camper van’s specs are only a click away. 

Can you live in a Class B motorhome full-time?

Sequence and Tellaro were designed to be self-contained, with all of the necessary connections for water, sewer, HVAC and more onboard. All floor plans come with solar panels, which prolong your viability while boondocking. Although, living in a Class B RV requires consideration of space because of its small size. If you’re an adventurer and love the idea of a new backyard every day, a B Van may be the perfect place to call home.

How much is a Class B Motorhome? 

You can view the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for our Class B vans on the “Floor Plans” section of the brand’s web page. Above each floor plan’s image, you will see the MSRP that corresponds with that particular floor plan. Because we are the manufacturer and do not sell directly to consumers, you may want to contact your local dealer for their retail price and financing information.

Where can you park a Class B RV?

Here’s the beauty of camper vans: they can park almost anywhere that a standard vehicle can, whether that’s a parking lot, gas station or even a drive-in-movie theater. Plus, you can take those dirt roads to an unforgettable destination that may be difficult for other motorhomes to go. Even if you choose a traditional campsite, parking will be a breeze because of the Class B motorhome’s maneuverable size.

Which Class B Motorhome should I buy?

The Sequence and Tellaro are what we call sister products. The differences between the lines come down to interior styling, so you can find the floor plan and decor package that fits your needs and your tastes. The products may also be sold to different dealerships throughout North America. This means if you’re interested in Sequence or Tellaro specifically, be sure to filter in that motorhome when you’re searching for a dealer near you

Bonus Q&A: Why should I buy a Camper Van made by Thor Motor Coach?

Our conversion vans come with many amenities and features that will make your life on the road enjoyable and stress-free. If you love cycling and other outdoor sports, you will appreciate the convenience of the Thule bike rack, roof ladder and patio awning. Setting up camp is straightforward with the all-in-one control multiplex system, RapidCamp+. Plus, you can work from home, get in touch with a loved one or watch the live game with Winegard ConnecT 2.0 as your WiFi extender and 4G hotspot. Some floor plans even come with a pop-top, so you can bring along loved ones for the trip. There are so many more features of our Class B motorhomes to enjoy, but we won’t take up any more of your time - go check them out for yourself!

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