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Toy Hauler Motorhomes

Toy haulers expand the limits of a traditional motorhome – they come with a garage.

There’s a time to obey the rules of the road and then there’s a time to play on your own. Have the best of both worlds with a toy hauler RV from Thor Motor Coach. Toy haulers push past the boundaries of a traditional motorhome - they are a Class A and Class C RV with a garage. With the garage comes endless possibilities, including a workspace, home for your motorcycle or ATV and so much more.

Toy Hauler Motorhomes

We know you don’t want to leave your motorcycle or ATV behind, and with the Outlaw, you don’t have to - create your own rules.

Outlaw Class C Vapor Blue interior front to back

Toy Hauler Amenities

Not only do these motorhomes come with a garage, but they also have amenities needed while living on the road. With Outlaw®, there’s WiFi connectivity, living and storage space, kitchen, solar power, full bathrooms, sleeping capacity for the family and so much more. Quickly load and unload the garage and get ready for the best camping experience yet.

Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler RV Mor Ryde Foundation Ford® F-53 Chassis

Ford® Foundation

Your motorhome is only as strong as its foundation. Our Class A toy hauler rides on the Ford F-53, while the Class C toy hauler is on the Ford E-Series chassis. No matter the toy hauler you choose, you’ll get the power you need to tow a vehicle, bring your favorite toy(s) in the garage and navigate the winding roads.

Toy Hauler Motorhome Videos