5 Short RV Trip Ideas
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5 Short RV Trip Ideas

Aug 19, 2021

RVing isn’t only for full-timers. You don’t even have to go for a week-long trip. Enjoy your motorhome on the weekend, even if just for a day. Especially if you’re new to the lifestyle, short trips are a great way to learn all of your motorhome’s components and get more comfortable in your home away from home. Keep reading for five short trip ideas.

1.   Tailgate a Football Game

School is beginning all across the country, which means football season is upon us. Football games, particularly collegiate games, are a fun way to celebrate your alma mater, favorite team or spend time with your children. Best of all, your Class A motorhome will be a huge hit. You’ll have your own refrigerator, bathroom and, of course, plenty of room for chairs to sit under the awning with cool beverages. If you don’t forget to pack the corn hole, any tailgate becomes one you always remember.

2.   National, State or Local Park

Visit a park near your sticks-and-bricks home. If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a national, state or city park - it’s an exciting introduction of what’s to come. Get used to your bike rack, become familiar with RapidCamp+® - your all-in-one control center - and gain confidence behind the wheel. Learning how to navigate the roads and park your Class C RV at the nearby park goes a long way for newbies. Then, spend your day exploring.

3.   Nearby Harvest Host

Camping at a Harvest Host location has become a phenomenon, and for good reason. With Harvest Hosts in every state, you’ll have no trouble finding one near you. Spend the day at a nearby farm, winery or local attraction. This day trip not only supports local businesses and families, but it's also a great way to become familiar with dry camping. The whole family will enjoy taking your new Diesel Pusher to a nontraditional campsite.

4.   Friend or Family Member’s House

Regardless if your friends and family are established RVers or have never camped before, they’ll want to see your new home on wheels. So, why not just take it over there? You can give them a tour of your gorgeous Super C motorhome. They may even invite you to moochdock, which is a fancy term for dry camping in a driveway. This way, you’re out of your residential home, but still learn the ropes of all of your motorhome’s components.

5.   Drive-in Movie Theatre

Fall is right around the corner, but summer is not quite over! Going to a drive-in movie theatre is a fun, family-friendly activity to enjoy in your new Class B+ motorhome. We even have recommendations of six drive-in-movie theatres that are a must-visit, if you live nearby. You’ll learn how to navigate the motorhome’s dash radio, along with a great film and tasty treats - sounds like the perfect summer day trip to us.

Thor Motor Coaches for Your Short Trip

Rize Class B Motorhome

Rize is the ultimate day-trip motorhome. The camper van is under 18 feet, so you can easily park at your destination by day, and store it in a garage at night. It comes with a Thule bike rack, which fits two adult-size bikes for your day at the park. There’s even a screen for the entryway, so you can get fresh air during your day trip. Rize also comes with a standard 190-watt solar panel with a controller, so you can keep the power on while moochdocking at a friend’s.

2022 Thor Rize Class B Camper Van Charcoal Full Body Paint Exterior social photo
Rize · Charcoal Full Body Paint
2022 Thor Rize Class B RV 18T Front to Back - Crisp Linen Modern White Cabinetry
Rize 18T · Crisp Linen · Modern White Cabinetry

Outlaw Class C Toy Hauler RV

Outlaw is another day-trip gem because it has something that most motorhomes don’t - a garage. The garage comes with a bug screen curtain, BlueTooth®coach radio system and a 32-inch TV, so you can tailgate in style. This toy hauler comes with a powered awning with LED lighting and another 32-inch TV with Bluetooth, so everyone has a spot to watch the game. Not to mention, there’s plenty of storage space to bring cornhole.

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