Top Features & Benefits

Sequence & Tellaro Ram Promaster 7" touchscreen dash radio

Dash Ready for the Drive

Behind the wheel of the Dazzle, you'll find a 7-inch touchscreen dash radio with unique features.

Thor Shield for Build & Price thumbnail

Back-up with Ease

Every model comes with a backup monitor.

2024 Heated/Remote black exterior mirror

Don't Miss a Thing

These heated and remote black exterior mirrors give you a clear view of everything around you.

omni rapid camp 7" screen

Quickly Set-up Camp

Rapid Camp+ is an all-in-one control center allowing owners to set up camp from either inside their motorhome or from their mobile device with an app.

2021 Go Power! Solar Charge Controller - Challenger

Solar Charge Controller

This Solar Charge Controller with 190W Solar Panel is economical and high performing.

2020 Thor Sequence Tellaro Class B RV Truma Combi Eco Hydronic Furnace and Water Heating System key feature

Enjoy Twice the Comfort

Truma® Combi Eco Hydronic Furnace and Water Heating System. This saves space and weight in your motor home.

Pop up countertop outlet

Power ON

Keeping your applications & devices powered and fully charged is even easier with the Pop-up Countertop Outlet.

Dodge RAM 3500 driving on coast

Looking Clean

Invisible Front Paint Protection to keep your Dazzle looking brand new.