SmoothTech suspension system in action

SmoothTech Ride Enhancement

Say goodbye to bumpy drives with the SmoothTech™ ride enhancement. Whether cruising down the highway or navigating rough terrain, the suspension system makes your travels more comfortable and relaxing for the ultimate road trip experience. 

2025 Quantum KW29 at golf course

SmoothTech Suspension Upgrades

2025 Class C motorhomes riding on the Ford E-Series or Chevy Express chassis are equipped with the SmoothTech™ suspension upgrade. The system adds rubber compression springs to the rear suspension shackle, allowing extended spring travel and reduced suspension harshness. The enhanced cushioning and absorption of road-induced bumps reduce driver fatigue.

Most manufacturers only address stiffness with the addition of airbags, track bars, or replacement shocks. None of these add-ons address the comfort of driving, nor do those parts and pieces help soften the impact of expansion joints or potholes found on today's roads.

SmoothTech™ combines sophistication with simplicity, giving you the best riding Class C motorhome on the market without the costly and heavy addition of aftermarket products. Choose SmoothTech™ for a maintenance-free and smoother ride throughout the lifetime of your motorhome.