Top Features & Benefits

Blind Spot detection illustration

Blind Spot Detection

Making the drive even easier, the Blind Spot Detection system is there to help you be aware of what's around you while you travel across the country.

Class A Diesel Blind Spot Mirror

Chrome Heated/Remote Mirrors with Integrated Side View Cameras

See what's around you and drive confidently, regardless of weather conditions.

Whisper Quiet AC Vents

Ceiling Ducted Whisper Air™ Central Cooling System

The ceiling-ducted Whisper Air™ central cooling system makes camping a breeze even during the hottest months.

2023 Challenger Stateroom Stone Regatta Tilt a View bed 37FH

Tilt-A-View® Inclining Bed Mechanism

Choose the perfect angle of your Tilt-A-View bed and unwind with a good book or catch your favorite show on the bedroom TV.

Euro style loft bunk

Power Drop-Down Hide-Away Overhead

Additional Sleeping Space is available above the cockpit with the Power Drop-Down Hide-Away Bunk and features a Cotton Cloud Mattress for a great night’s sleep.

Wireless phone charger with USB plug on dinette

Wireless Phone Charger at Dinette Table Top

No more tracking down power cords. The built-in Wireless Phone Charger has you covered.

Thor Shield for Build & Price thumbnail

Leatherette Dream Dinette Booth

Plenty of room for everyone. The Dream Dinette Booth offers four seatbelt positions and Dual Child Safety Tethers.

Thor Shield for Build & Price thumbnail

Induction Cooktop

Cooking made easy, and clean-up even easier. The Induction Cooktop will have you excited about making your next meal on the road.

Residential Refrigerator

Feel right at home with the Residential Refrigerator, with plenty of space to pack all your must have beverages for your journey.