Top Features & Benefits

Sequence & Tellaro Ram Promaster 7" touchscreen dash radio

Touchscreen Dash Radio

Utilize Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ to make your trips easy and fun.

Thor Shield for Build & Price thumbnail

Back-up with Ease

Every model comes with a backup monitor. Survey the area behind your Dazzle to ensure you have the all clear to back-up!

BM Pro

Quickly Set-up Camp

The Dazzle has you covered with its Rapid Camp+® multiplex control system. Using Bluetooth® or the touchscreen, you can easily monitor and control all aspects of your RV – from the lighting to the slides and more.

Solar Panels

Solar Charging System

Escape the hustle and bustle of crowded campsites and embrace the tranquility of the great outdoors with off-grid capabilities. Say goodbye to the need for electrical hookups with the 200-watt solar charging system.

2020 Thor Sequence Tellaro Class B RV Truma Combi Eco Hydronic Furnace and Water Heating System key feature

Truma® Combi Eco (LP) Furnace and Water Heating System

Keep your motorhome and the water in it a comfortable temperature all from the same system!

Pop up countertop outlet

Pop-up Outlet in the Kitchen

Keep your devices charged and easily store away when finished.

Keep bugs out with Obeco side screen door

Keep the Bugs Out

ObeCo™ Side Screen Door for Entryway that closes and keeps bugs out of your motorhome.