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7" touchscreen dash radio for four winds and chateau

Dash Ready for the Drive

Behind the wheel of the Chateau, you'll find a 7-inch touchscreen dash radio with unique features. Every model comes with a backup monitor to keep an eye on the trailer connected to the 8,000-pound hitch. 31-foot models feature Android Auto™, Apple CarPlay®. Models under 31-foot and V-Series have plug-and-play screen mirroring.

Wireless phone charger with USB plug on dinette

Power ON

Keeping your devices fully charged is even easier with the Wireless Phone Charger with USB Charging Port located in your motorhome.

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Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

The Power Patio Awning with Integrated LED Lighting extends your outdoor living space and provides you with a relaxing area just for you.

Bedroom USB CPAP Outlet

Sleep Easy

When its time for you to recharge, you can also recharge the devices you use every day. The Chateau features a power charging center for electronics and also a Bedroom 12-volt Outlet for CPAP Machine.

360° Siphon Vent Cap for Tank Odor Prevention key feature

Breathe Freely

The 360 Siphon® RV holding tank vent cap eliminates odors from the source — the holding tanks — and exhausts them out the roof vent before they have a chance to invade the RV living space. By design, the patented 360 Siphon can only create an updraft, expelling odors and fostering an oxygen-rich environment to speed up waste breakdown. Breathe easier and enjoy a healthy, odor-free living environment with the 360 Siphon.

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Saving Valuable Resources

Don't waste a drop with the Showermi$er Hot Water Recycling System. Reclaim freshwater that usually goes down the drain, by redirecting unused cold water back to the fresh water tank.

Winegard logo key feature photo

Stay Connected

Chateau floor plans come equipped with Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0, which works as your WiFi router, 4G hotspot, and TV antenna. Traveling is your passion, but you can stay connected when working and navigating the roads. Visit our YouTube channel for a Winegard setup video and be sure to subscribe for new videos every week.

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Cleaning Made Easy

Featuring a black tank flush system, we make the least favorite job of the trip at least easier, and also a little more sanitary.

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