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Power Drop-Down Hide-Away Overhead Bunk

Additional Sleeping Space is available above the cockpit with the Power Drop-Down Hide-Away Bunk and features a Cotton Cloud Mattress for a great night’s sleep.

Aria captain's chair with lumbar support and greenery behind

Captain's Chairs with Lumbar Support

You can drive in a comfortable position that supports you!

Exterior chrome mirrors with camera

Chrome Heated/Remote Mirrors with Cameras

See what's around you and drive confidently, regardless of weather conditions.

Solar Panels

Solar Charging System

This RV has a 100-watt solar charging system controlled via the multiplex panel, ensuring you can keep your house batteries charged without fear of overcharging or damaging them.

2023 Aria 3901 Cambria Sanibel Tilt-A-View Bed

King Size Bed with Tilt-A-View® Inclining Bed Mechanism

Choose the perfect angle of your Tilt-A-View bed and unwind with a good book or catch your favorite show on the bedroom TV.

2021 Rapid Camp+® Multiplex System - Rapid Camp - Miramar Challenger Outlaw Class A

Rapid Camp+® Multiplex

Features a 7-inch touchscreen that serves as a command center for almost all your RV’s functions, including your slides, air conditioning or furnace, and many other features, with just one click. Talk about convenience!

Oxygenics showerhead for 2023-AC-BC-ZD-AD-ND-MA-CH-OL

Oxygenics® Shower Head

Cutting-edge technology works like a mini turbine jet – infusing the water with oxygen to expand each drop and significantly increase power. The result is a powerful, efficient, and soothing shower spray that you won’t find anywhere else.


Showermi$er Hot Water Recycling System

This innovative technology lets you take a hot shower without waiting and wasting water. With the Showermi$er, you can conserve your fresh and gray water capacities up to 40%.

Winegard logo key feature photo

Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0 WiFi / 4G / TV Antenna

This versatile system doubles as a WiFi router, 4G hotspot, and TV antenna, providing fast and reliable internet connectivity anywhere you go.

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