Top Features & Benefits

2022 Thor Sanctuary Tranquility Class B RV Sprinter Van - Dash Radio

Mercedes-Benz Multimedia Dash Radio

Mercedes-Benz Factory Stereo system supported buy Mercedes-Benz. Equipped with Bluetooth®, Navigation & SiriusXM®.

Blind Spot detection illustration

Blind Spot Detection System

Collision warning system that is ready to keep you safe. Radar detects unseen vehicles to alert you of any potential hazards.

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Electric Stabilizing Jack System

Keeps rear portion of motorhome from rocking when set up.

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Frameless Windows

Streamline widow application without frames that gives a smooth look.

Winegard unit for top of motorhome

Winegard Connect 2.0 4G/Wi-Fi/Digital TV Antenna

This innovative system is available on every floor plan. It’s a WiFi router, 4G hotspot, and TV antenna. Whether working remotely, keeping in touch with loved ones, or simply browsing the web, you’ll have everything you need to stay productive and entertained.

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Rapid Camp+® Multiplex System

Multiplex electrical control system. Manages water functions, lights, and generator. Slide-out controls, viewing of tank levels, Heat and A/C controls.

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200-watt Solar Charging System with Power Controller

Escape the hustle and bustle of crowded campsites and embrace the tranquility of the great outdoors with off-grid capabilities. Say goodbye to the need for electrical hookups with the 200-watt solar charging system.