Surprises Everywhere

 Expands the limits of what a small toy hauler motorhome can be.

Not Your Ordinary RV

 The Outlaw breaks the rules of traditional motorhomes with its expansive garage that converts into a sleeping area. 

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

 Features a fully-equipped kitchen including a cooktop, convection microwave oven, refrigerator and kitchen sink. 

Go have some fun, in an Outlaw


Since when did spending time outdoors get this much fun? This isn’t camping, this is living. There is no better way to spend quality time with the ones you love, and no better time than now. Explore together in an Outlaw® from Thor Motor Coach.

Traveling in a toy hauler is a unique experience. You get to take all those fun items with you, others have to leave at home. So you need some grunt, which is why the Outlaw is powered by a Ford® E-Series 6.8L V10. The 305HP and 420lb.-ft. torque make easy work of a full garage, or the toys riding behind on the 8,000-lb. hitch.

The driver has some great mile passing toys for the ride, like the touch screen with satellite radio, navigation and BlueTooth® connectivity for hands-free calls or streaming your favorite playlist. You also have an HDMI port to mirror your smartphone and USB ports to keep it charged. There are enough cubbies and cup holders to make sure you have what you need with you so you can skip the stops and get where you want to be. When you arrive, make it official. Spin the captain’s chairs around, and now you’re ready to enjoy the perks of traveling in an Outlaw.

The floor plans are designed for the ultimate ease and comfort. Sit back on the sofas’ and take in the scenery through the large windows. Keep your devices charged and your drinks full with the pop-up outlet and cupholders - now that’s convenient. 

So are the table options. Set them up to fit your needs - dinner, games - one here, one there. There's a cargo net with USB Charging ports, so you can let your phone charge while you sit back and catch a movie on the TV. Since the Outlaw comes standard with the Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0 WiFi 4G hotspot, set up your own safe and secure internet connection to stream all your favorites. The Outlaw also has a 1,000-watt entertainment inverter so you’ll never be left with an unintentional cliff hanger.

You’re going to find great kitchens in the Outlaw. You have the room you need with the flip-up countertop extension, a large stainless steel sink, a three burner gas cooktop, convection microwave, double door fridge - this is everything you need to keep those faces smiling.

Great bathroom setups are also a must-have and the Outlaw checks that box. The hooks keep towels off the floor, tankless hot water means everyone gets a hot shower, and you’ll find large counters surrounding your sink and space below for clean towels so everyone has one. No bathroom is complete without a medicine cabinet, but don't worry, the Outlaw has that covered.

In an Outlaw, you are going to want to bring so much with you and it’s possible. With storage just about everywhere you look and closet space to hang what you need.

You are going to find great sleeping options in all Outlaw floor plans. Starting upfront with the over the cab bunk, which comes on each floorplan, you'll be able to comfortably enjoy a good night's sleep. In the 29J, turn the key, and down comes your Queen size bed. A quick flip, now this is the easiest way to make a bed in the morning. Finally, in the garage, a drop-down queen bed. With the screen doors, you can let a breeze and the sounds of nature in. There are even cup holders for the middle of the night drink.

In the garage, flip the door to the cabinet down and you have a great work table. Up above is your BlueTooth® coach radio system, and a 12-volt station if your toys need a charge. The other side features a T.V., handy storage shelf and the garage has it’s own AC unit to keep you cool. This set up allows for true organization. Maybe hang a helmet on the wall hooks, a shop towel, gloves, and get a project started on the table.

As for ramps, you have a few options depending on the floorplan that works for you.  Open the side door and unload your fun. Or drive right up the ramp, then set up for some outdoor living. Whether you want to ski or ride down a mountain trail, the Outlaw lets you bring it all with you.

Remember that table inside where you were working on the project? Move it outside. Set down a drink and get the camera ready for your trip down the hill. Or, take the top off, now you have a great place to hang and dry those towels after you come back from the beach. 

The Outlaw may be prepped for solar, but maybe you need a break from the sun? Put out the power awning with led lighting pull up a chair and watch the tv on a swivel with BlueTooth® soundbar and radio…

Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Maybe now is the perfect time to go have some of your own in an Outlaw from Thor Motor Coach.