“The Thor Motor Coach emblem symbolizes the foundation on which the company is built. We developed the shield over several months to represent the strength, stability, backing and support we are committed to providing to our customers.” announced Bill Fenech, President of Thor Motor Coach.


“We feel it is more important than ever to really promote what we are doing.  We are a single company, and the number one retailer of motorhomes in North America, yet some still think of us as the best kept secret”, mentioned Matt Thompson, Vice President of Diesel Motorhome Sales.


The shield will be featured in several new ads, events and sponsorships and will be featured on the complete line of brands which include: Hurricane, Windsport, Daybreak, Challenger, Outlaw, Four Winds, Four Winds Siesta, Four Winds Siesta Sprinter, Chateau, Chateau Citation, Chateau Citation Sprinter, Serrano, Avanti, Astoria and Tuscany.


More information can be found on https://thormotorcoach.com/