WAKARUSA, IND., Aug. 1, 2017 – Every child deserves a great education, which is why Thor Motor Coach is once again partnering with The Crossing, to make sure every student gets a chance at becoming a successful one. This week administration from Thor Motor Coach and The Elkhart Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship gathered to unveil the onsite classroom for upcoming students.

The Crossing, a job training program for high school aged students, was so overwhelmingly popular last year that Thor Motor Coach built an onsite classroom in Wakarusa to provide extra convenience for the students. This fall will be Thor Motor Coach’s third year participating.

“We believe in investing in our community,” stated Laurie Hover, Director of Human Resources at Thor Motor Coach. “This partnership hasn’t only affected the students, it has moved our employees. They have enjoyed the students’ presence and it has been a truly eye-opening experience for all those involved.”

For additional information, please contact the Marketing department at Thor Motor Coach. To learn more of The Crossing and their locations throughout Indiana, visit https://www.crossingeducation.com/.

About The Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship
The Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship is an accredited, job training and academic program in the state of Indiana servicing high school students who haven’t been successful in a traditional school setting facing issues of poor grades, attendance, social conflicts or behavior. Students come from public schools, private schools, home schools and even the streets. Their job training programs, coupled with their academics, equips students with a comprehensive and unparalleled set of tools to succeed in life after high school.

About Thor Motor Coach
Thor Motor Coach (TMC) is the only Made to Fit® motorhome brand in North America. TMC’s diverse product lineup includes many of the world’s most recognized Class A and Class C motorhome brands. As an industry leader in innovative design, TMC builds a variety of unique styles, sizes and floor plans that feel custom-made – at a truly competitive price. For more information, visit ThorMotorCoach.com or call 800-860-5658.