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If you're thinking of choosing the Camper Van for your family's next generation of camping adventures, you're not alone. These small motorhomes are the fastest growing camping trend in 2020. Their compact design allows you to hit the roads unbeknownst as an RVer yet with all the amenities that a larger motorhome provides. They are easy to setup, offer solar panel options and can be driven through a drive-thru with ease. 

Below, we have compiled the best of our Camper Van related blogs for your reading pleasure. 


Class B+
vs. Class B motorhomes - What 
are the differences? We’re breaking it down for you in this week’s blog.


Many RVs come with or are prepped for Solar Power, so this week, we’re diving into the basics of operation, what to expect and more.

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To keep the rubber rolling, you need to protect and inspect your Thor Motor Coach’s tires. For those getting a motorhome out of winter storage, this one’s for you.

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If you want to know more about our camper vans, here’s your chance. This week, we’re answering 10 of the most popular questions about our Class B RVs.

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Class B RVs allow you to really maneuver into prime boondocking locations because of their compact size, yet still provide amenities that are helpful while going off the grid.


Thor Motor Coach is now offering a 2-year limited warranty on 2021 model year Sequence® and Tellaro® Class B vans. 


You’re hitting the roads with the people who you love most and taking some of your most valued possessions with you. That’s why this week, we’re sharing our tips for additional security in your motorhome.

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Is it possible to travel and work at the same time? Absolutely! Work from home - your motorhome. Read this week’s blog for our best tips for working in your Thor Motor Coach.


Thor Motor Coach’s Class B motorhomes, Sequence® and Tellaro®, welcome new floor plans and upgrades for 2021. 


Our Camper Van brands, Sequence and Tellaro, are the ultimate choice for going to see a drive-in movie! Both are equipped with a 7-inch touch screen dash radio that will make connecting to your drive-in theatre’s radio station a breeze. 

What is the movement of simplifying? And why are people doing it? This week’s blog dives into the lifestyle of trading in possessions for experiences and becoming attuned with yourself to live a peaceful and fulfilling life.


Sequence® camper van may be compact, but it has a fully-equipped kitchen with a two-burner gas cooktop and convection microwave oven to prepare delicious and healthy Mobile Meals. Bring along two adult-size bikes for the trip around the lake on the Thule® bike rack. 


Camper vans are the perfect way to get off the grid. You can enjoy all of the perks of vacationing in a motorhome in a compact and efficient space.


Just like other new model releases, we are introducing our brand new, just released Tellaro™ Class B van to you first! The Tellaro has all of the comforts you would expect in a motorhome in a compact, easily maneuverable van. The best of all worlds - driving, parking and storing are extremely simple and you also have an ultra-modern kitchen. 


If you want to make a few new friends at the campground and host your own wine tasting, the Sequence™ Class B is the perfect base camp. 


Sneak Peek of Our New Proud Addition to the Family!

No more hitting bumps in the road - literally and figuratively. This week, we’re paving the way for stress-free adventures.