Trip Essentials: Pet Edition
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Trip Essentials: Pet Edition

Nov 11, 2022

Trip Essentials for Pets

It’s fun to go on adventures, especially when you have your fur babies along for the ride. However, we know it can be stressful planning and researching before big trips. Times that by 100 when including your furry friend. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you, so no pet has to be left behind.

According to RV Life and Progressive, these are all the items you’ll need to make your trip pet-friendly:

Safe & Healthy Pet

Pet safety and health are key, especially in an RV or other moving vehicle. The chances of your pet getting lost or sick definitely increase when you’re far from home. Take the guesswork out of pet-friendly trips and experience travel how it’s meant to be! To keep your pets as safe and healthy as possible, pack the following items:

·         Collar & ID Tags

·         Harness & Leash

·         Pet Vehicle Harness

·         Portable Exercise Pen or Tie-Out

·         Pet Crate & Gate

·         Pet First Aid Kit

·         Temperature Monitor

·         Indoor Pet Security Camera

·         Collar Lights for Night Walks

·         “Pet Inside” Sticker

·         Current Vet Contact Info

·         Vet Contact Info for Trip Location

·         Health Certificate & Medical Records

·         Medications/Supplements

·         Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention

·         Pet-Appropriate Sunscreen

·         Pet Shoes

Clean & Groomed Pet

Regardless of where you are, remember to always clean up after your pet! In some places, it’s obligatory, so be careful and abide by policies. These items will definitely prevent headaches later on. Keep your pets looking and smelling their best with just a few things. To avoid any messy situations, plan to carry the following:

·         Waste Bags or Litter Box

·         Pet Grooming Tools/Kit

·         Old/Extra Towels

·         Puppy Pads

·         Pet Wipes

Happy & Comfy Pet

Who doesn’t love food?! When packing food for your pet, make sure you bring enough for the entire time you will be gone. Pet comfort is also necessary for your trip to run smoothly! It can be difficult for pets to adjust to new environments, so bringing stuff they’re familiar with can help them feel more at home. To keep your pet happy and cozy, take these items:

·         Food & Water

·         Food & Water Dishes

·         Collapsible Dishes for Hikes

·         Pet Bedding

·         Favorite Toys

·         Blankets

·         Treats

Pet-Friendly Motorhomes

Palazzo® Class A Diesel Motorhome

Road trips are better when your pet gets to tag along! Lucky for you, Palazzo is designed with your furry friend in mind. Enjoy the great outdoors with your pet, knowing they can be cleaned off before entering the RV with Palazzo’s outside shower. This motorhome comes ready with easy-to-clean luxury vinyl tile flooring that offers a residential feel. Afterward, your best pal can go back to squirrel-watching through the Bird’s Eye Window™.

Tellaro® Class B Motorhome

Pets make travel fun, no matter the destination! Thankfully, Tellaro has a hideaway food and water dish, so your pet can enjoy a hassle-free meal. This camper van also has a drawer to keep toys and food in one spot. Fabrics and leatherette materials are resistant to dander and claws to preserve your furniture’s appearance and protect your investment. Camping with your fur babies has never been easier!

What items will you add to your RV pet essentials list? Let us know!

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