Tricks of the Trade
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Tricks of the Trade

Feb 18, 2021

Some things can only be learned through experience. If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, you could benefit from learning some tricks of the trade. Before setting off on your maiden voyage, take a look at the suggestions below that will make your life easier on the road.

For Emergencies

Let’s start with the unexpected. Seasoned RVers will attest to this: even if you take great care of your rig, accidents do happen. In the event that you find yourself in a bind, you’ll want to have some kind of backup plan. Emergencies could range from a popped tire from a pothole to inclement weather or, worst-case scenario, a collision.


Always pack a roadside emergency kit and a tool kit. This way, you’ll have necessities including screwdrivers and a hammer, tire pressure gauge and a tire pump, just in case. If not included in the kit, bring along scissors and tape. Have a first aid kit handy for bandages, gauze, gloves and more. Luckily, you can find prepared kits for you in the store, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of putting it together yourself. Make going to the store to pick these kits up a priority before you leave for your trip.

Cash on Hand

It’s a good idea to bring cash with you, in case of an emergency. Say you’re passing through the plains with no ATM nearby, but you need money to pay for a tow truck. While your motorhome is at the nearby service center, you may need to stay in a hotel in a small town. You may want to give those who gave you a hand a tip after their service. Plus, many have experienced banking service issues while traveling, as some companies think your card is stolen.


Depending on the season, different tools will make your life easier on the road. For winter vacation, you won’t want to forget a battery-powered space heater, extra blankets, hand warmers, gloves and hats, to name a few. Warmer weather calls for shades for the windshield, a few pairs of sunglasses and sunscreen. Because fall is a bit all over the place, it might be best to pack a little bit of everything, just in case. Don’t forget a broom to sweep off leaves during autumn.

At the Campsite

Although your motorhome has entertainment and cozy quarters inside, the beauty of traveling in a motorhome is experiencing the great outdoors. For your campsite, a portable grill and foldable chairs are a necessity, especially in the summer. Bring along solar-powered lights and a solar battery charger, just in case. If your motorhome doesn’t have one already, bring a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker. No matter the season, bring extra water bottles. Don’t forget the spare key, either.

Parks Pass

One thing that will undoubtedly make your life easier on the road is a National Parks Pass. For just 80 dollars a year, you and your loved ones can visit over 2,000 national parks. Those with a lifetime disability and senior citizens can enjoy this pass at a discounted price. Veterans and Gold Star families get access to federal parks for free. One day, you may be passing through a state, not planning on stopping when you remember your pass. These are the moments that end up making the best memories.


Remember to pack extra chargers for your devices because you’ll want to utilize our resources. We created in-depth videos on our YouTube channel on how to use your motorhome, troubleshooting, recipes, and more. As always on the blog, you can find pre-vacation checklists, cleaning tips, must-have items for the kitchen, organization tips, destination ideas and so much more. You can even subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest blogs weekly for your convenience. 

Perfect Motorhomes for First Time Owners

Gemini AWD Class B+ Motorhome

Small families will love this Class B+ motorhome for its versatile floor plans, amenities, and capabilities. With an all-wheel-drive system, Ford® safety systems, and EcoBoost engine, the Gemini AWD can take you anywhere. The 8-inch SYNC3 dash radio features navigation, which has hands-free control with the steering wheel’s audio buttons for your safety. RapidCamp+® multiplex system works as your all-in-one control center for your slides, lights, tank monitoring and more.

Omni Class C Diesel RV

Larger families can enjoy the Omni, thanks to their high sleeping capacity and floor plans with more than one restroom. Plus, some floor plans offer 4x4, which makes driving in inclement weather conditions simpler. With the FordPass connect 4G WiFi modem, you can watch our YouTube videos from almost anywhere. Large rotocast storage compartments leave plenty of space to pack your emergency kits and campsite must-haves in your Super C RV.

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