The Difference Between Class B+ and Class B RVs
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The Difference Between Class B+ and Class B RVs

Sep 24, 2020

Class B+ vs. Class B motorhomes- What are the differences? We’re breaking it down for you in this week’s blog.

Let’s talk Class B+ vs. Class B Size

First, let’s talk about motorhome size. You may hear the terms camper vans, conversion vans and B vans when talking about Class B RVs. A traditional Class B contains all of the motorhome’s features within the van body, without any additional walls, floors or roofs added in the manufacturing process. The most popular van platforms include the RAM ProMaster, Mercedes® Sprinter, and Ford Transit®. Vans also tend to be the smallest and nimblest RVs on the road, as they measure between 16-feet to 21-feet in overall length. The width of the van is also smaller than most, which allows owners park the vehicle just about anywhere.

Unlike Class B RVsClass B+ motorhomes have an attached cab, or what they call a “cut-away” or cab chassis, which includes the same cockpit set-up as a B Van, but the RV manufacturer adds a body to increase living space. These motorhomes have a length of 23-feet to 25-feet, which is slightly smaller than our Class C motorhomes. Feel free to look at the Class B specs and compare them to the Class B+ specs.

Class B vs. Class B+ Drivability

RAM ProMaster® vans, like that under the Tellaro and Sequence, have a front-wheel-drive (FWD) platform powered by a 3.6-liter gasoline engine with a 6-speed transmission. FWD, standard in most vehicles, coupled with Class B’s size, promotes confidence and surefooted handling of these motorhomes in all weather conditions.

Ford Transit chassis has all-wheel-drive (AWD) as part of our Class B+ motorhomes’ standard build. With AWD, you can feel free to get off the grid, as this system works well for off-roading. These motorhomes come alive from the 3.5-liter EcoBoost gas engine and the Ford 10-speed automatic overdrive transmission.

Class B+ motorhomes also have an added bonus - they’re Recreational Utility Vehicles (RUV™). Similar to sports utility vehicles (SUV), these motorhomes are easily maneuverable due to their compact size, which means less stress behind the wheel. Plus, these Class B+ RVs have the Ford safety system, featuring lane departure warning, pre-collision assist, auto beam headlights, hill-start assist, rain-sensing windshield wipers and AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability Control).

Class B+ vs. Class B Storage

Holding tanks, electrical components, and LP systems can be hidden under the Class B vans, increasing internal storage capacity. All Class B vans have storage inside the cabinets in the living area, kitchen, bathroom, and room under the bed on most floor plans. Although there aren’t external storage compartments on the B vans, these motorhomes come equipped with Thule bike racks and, depending on your floor plan, Thule® roof ladder and rack system.

Class B+s also have storage in the cabinets that run throughout the living area, kitchen and bathroom. Unlike Class Bs, B+s are larger, resulting in more space to store your road trip must-haves. Depending on your floor plan, you’ll also find storage under the Dream Dinette. External rotocast storage compartments with lights come on both of the Class B+ motorhomes so that you can bring along an extra bag for an extensive trip.

Class B vs. Class B+ Interior

As mentioned previously, Class B vans have motorhome features built within the van, which means there aren’t any slide-outs. For this reason, Class B vans have closer quarters when compared to other motorhome classes. With three floor plans of the Tellaro and Sequence to choose from, you can decide which layout, features and options fit your lifestyle, needs and budget. Although these are our smallest motorhomes, they still come equipped with a kitchen, wet bath, bedroom and living area.

Our Class B+s have the upper hand on the B vans when it comes to interior space. Our two Class B+ motorhomes, Gemini AWD and Compass AWD, each have two floor plans. Depending on your floor plan, you’ll have a full wall slide-out or a partial wall slide-out, making the living area feel open. Opt-in for a private master suite in the 23TW, or extra kitchen counter space in the 23TE - choose which floor plan feels like home to you.

Class B+ vs. Class B Features

Connectivity and Convenience

Most Thor Motor Coach Class Bs and Class B+ motorhomes have modern conveniences, including Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0, working as your WiFi extender and 4G hotspot and Rapid Camp+ multiplex system, an all-in-one control center for your lights, awnings, tank monitors and more. These features are essential when considering working on the road and convenience at your campsite.

Solar Charging

All of these motorhomes promote outdoor living, with solar charging and battery systems. Class B+ motorhomes come with a 100-watt solar panel. Class B vans come standard with the 190-watt solar system and a 200-watt solar panel if you get the optional pop-top Sky Bunk sleeping area on the Sequence’s 20A and Tellaro’s 20AT floor plans. There is an optional Re(Li)able® lithium battery system, which prolongs dry camping viability and the Class B vans’ solar charging capabilities.


Class B vans have versatile entertainment, as the 24-inch TV can swivel from the living area to the outdoors. A pop-up outlet in the kitchen, HMDI cable and USB charging ports throughout the camper vans makes for easy and accessible accessories for your favorite devices. Depending on your Class B+ floor plan, you can enjoy a 40-inch TV in the living area in the 23TE or a 32-inch TV in the living room, and a 28-inch TV in the bedroom in the 23TW.


Because the two Class B van and two Class B+ motorhome brands are what we call sister products, they offer the same floor plans but each has different interior decor options. Check them out for yourself if you want to find the motorhome made to fit your style.

Class B Vans (Camper Vans):

Class B+ RVs:

Our Class B vans and Class B+ motorhome brands both have great features, floor plans, designs and usability. At the end of the day, you should choose the motorhome that feels like home to you. If you have any questions or comments, you can always reach out to our Coach Link Sales Advisor. Already have your heart set on one of the B vans or Class B+s? Find your local dealer with our Dealer Locator, and begin your Thor Motor Coach adventure.

Want to learn more about the Class B+ and Class B brands? Watch our YouTube videos below:

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2021 Gemini AWD Class B+ R.U.V. From Thor Motor Coach

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2021 Sequence Class B Camper Van From Thor Motor Coach

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