State Parks: An Economical, Slower Pace Close to Home
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State Parks: An Economical, Slower Pace Close to Home

Jun 12, 2019

Golf courses, ski slopes, marinas, swimming pools and stables. No, this isn’t a fancy country club, it’s a sampling of what you can find at a state park. And with more than 18 million acres in America, you are bound to find one close to you!

One of the benefits of camping overnight in a state park is the price. It’s cheaper than staying in private campgrounds. Not only does it save you money but it helps stimulate the local economy, giving the exact place you are visiting those tourism dollars to preserve its appeal and serve your family for generations.

With more than ten thousand state parks in all 50 states, there is something for everyone. And states have programs to encourage and attract visitors such as reduced entry fees and educational programs.

Some state parks allow free fishing with no license required. Some parks even loan fishing gear out to visitors. If you do plan to pack your own gear and eat what you catch, the pantry in the Chateau® Class C holds all of the ingredients you could think of to host a fish fry for your whole campground.

Chateau Class C

  • Pop-up countertop outlet and charging center in most models
  • Pantry in select models
  • Flip-up countertop extension in some models

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One way to camp on some public lands is to dry camp or boondock. Some public use lands are pretty rugged and not close to modern conveniences like RV hookups, water hookups and stores. Many state parks allow free overnight camping in these areas proving, again, the cost savings of staying at a state park. The Axis® RUV™ is ready to roll when it comes to camping off the grid.

Axis RUV

  • Prepped for solar - includes solar controller
  • Tankless water heater
  • Gas generator

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Day Trips

Most visitors to state parks visit during the day and stay someplace else overnight. Since parks are varied by climate, topography and history the day time activities offered are just as varied. Try golfing in Georgia state parks, cross-country skiing in Colorado or rock climbing in Oregon and discover how the Windsport® Class A motorhomes have room to bring all of your gear.

Windsport Class A

  • Rotocast storage compartments
  • Dinette storage drawer in most models
  • Pantry in select models

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A New View

Probably the number one reason why camping is so popular is people want to get away and experience a change in scenery. You could always assemble some chairs in your back yard and sit outside but it is incredibly more relaxing and special when you can appreciate a beautiful vista or waterfall. Waking up in the morning and immediately seeing the view mother nature has to offer is the best way to experience America’s landscapes.

Omni® Super C

  • Powered Sky View™ shade in cab overhead
  • Frameless windows
  • Brand new XG32 floor plan

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