Roadschooling - Homeschooling in Your RV
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Roadschooling - Homeschooling in Your RV

Aug 09, 2019

While some called it a gypsy or nomadic lifestyle, it has now lost those connotations. Families, couples and individuals living their lives to the fullest, valuing family connections and first-hand life experiences - all while living and traveling in their RV.

Living on the road is not always a vacation. There are still dishes to wash, work to do and homework to complete. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth every second - but sometimes you have to get a little creative with your daily tasks and chores - like roadschooling. Take those comfy spaces to sleep and use them as reading nooks. Set up a technology center around USB charging ports. Here’s a sample of Omni® Super C RVs smart roadschool features:

  • Winegard® ConnecT™ WiFi Extender +4G
  • USB charging ports in bedroom and living room
  • Bunk beds in BB35 floor plan
  • Largest cabover bunk in the market with panoramic skylight

Space to store books, a table for writing, a quiet place to read, these are some of the needs of homeschooling while in your RV. We understand the resourcefulness a full time RVing lifestyle requires. Probably most crucial for everyone is storage space. While e-readers and audiobooks and public libraries help cut down on storing books, it is still good to have at least one, easily-accessible cabinet dedicated to your roadschool. Read below to educate yourself on Venetian® motorhomes spacious features. 

  • Driver and passenger overhead
  • Basement pass-through storage
  • Optional euro recliner with desktop
  • Dinette table in booth or buffet style

Learning doesn’t just happen indoors - enjoy every minute of your roadlife by taking advantage of national and state park programs, museums, zoos, aquariums and historical sites. While traveling in a city can be challenging, our Vegas® RUV motorhome has the maneuverability of an SUV with Class A motorhome features. And when you need to get to a rugged spot, the Vegas can do that too! See below for more details.

  • Rapid Camp+™ multiplex wiring control system
  • Ford E-Series chassis
  • 6.8L Triton® engine, 305 HP, 420 lb.-ft. torque

On a final note, be sure to do your homework and check homeschool laws for your resident state.

And if you need a little push to discover how fulfilling roadschooling is - great news! There are many great resources online and a community of supportive families available.

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