Hangin' with the Hagens in Ho-Hum RV Park
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Hangin' with the Hagens in Ho-Hum RV Park

Feb 24, 2022

Have you ever wanted to go back to where it all started? Just relive each moment again and again? For our family, "back where it started" is in Florida. It was there, four years ago, that we started our RVing journey. When we found ourselves in the Orlando area, I never envisioned that our quaint little travel trailer would bring us to such a remarkable dream. 

After the slight delay, we pulled in our slides and said goodbye to our dear friends at our home park. It is always a bittersweet moment leaving a park. The fellowship you find in the RV community is terrific, full of warm friendships and instant family. I still don't understand how RVers make these strong connections so quickly, but we do. So, with some hugs and promises to "see you down the road," off we went! 

Since we've made our way to Florida a few times, we have our favorite spots that we make sure to hit along the way. Our first stop along the trail was at Cajun Palms RV Resort in Louisiana. This park is a fantastic stop and memory maker with three different pools, a swim-up bar, and restaurants. Traveling during the off-season, these amenities weren't open, but we didn't mind. The howling wind and cold were still clinging on, and once we pulled into our spot and leveled the rig, no one was battling the cold to go anywhere. We didn't even hook up our water or sewer for the night to prevent freezing. Thank goodness the Venetian has such large holding tanks! Even though it wasn't how we usually make memories, it was a night that we won't forget! 

Blog photo Hangin' with the Hagens in Ho-Hum RV Park Cajun Palms RV Resort
Cajunpalms.com | Cajun Palms RV Resort in Henderson, LA

We weren't in a rush with this trip which allowed a slower pace than usual, so our next step was in Orange Beach, Alabama. This location has been one of our favorites since the first time we camped in the state. One of the unforeseen reasons we love our Class A is because it enables us to stay in the Class A resorts like Buena Vista RV Resort. Although the cold kept us from using their outdoor pool, slide, and lazy river, it didn't stop us from walking to the heated indoor pool. From the inside, we were so enchantingly warm that we forgot about the chilly days we had just endured. As we watched the sunset, we decided to keep the wheels moving the following day. 

 The next day, we had made it! We were officially in Florida. Now, I will admit that it was not too far into Florida, and it was still brisk (I may or may not have been wearing a winter jacket to walk the dog… Okay, I was!), but we had made it. As we pulled into one of our favored campgrounds, Ho-Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, Florida, we made the hasty decision to extend our stay. And oh, my was our host accommodating! We were able to not only extend our stay, but we were able to score one of their motorhome sites. What is special about a motorhome site? Well, it is a site built for you to pull into. The benefit? Frequently, you will have an unbelievable view right beyond your windshield. Ho-Hum RV Park precisely displayed that! Just steps from our front door was the Gulf of Mexico. We woke up and had coffee outside as we watched the sunrise in the mornings and enjoyed "sundowners" while soaking in the sunset. Our site felt like a bit of magic, reviving my soul.

Blog photo Hangin' with the Hagens in Ho-Hum RV Park Ho-Hum RV Park at sunset oceanfront view
Ho-Hum RV Park · Carrabelle, FL
Blog photo Hangin' with the Hagens in Ho-Hum RV Park Ho-Hum RV Park at sunset oceanfront view Thor Venetian Class A Diesel Motorhome
Ho-Hum RV Park Oceanfront View · Venetian Class A Diesel motorhome
Blog photo Hangin' with the Hagens in Ho-Hum RV Park Lou and Travis Hagen posing in front of Palm Tree at park
Lou and Travis Hagen · Ho-Hum RV Park

Not only was this stop amazing for the views, but we also enjoyed our extra time with some exploring. We packed up and headed to St. George Island, our favorite spot on "The Forgotten Coast" one of the days. This gem always brings a sense of serenity along the beach. The cooler temperatures chased away the crowds allowing us ample time to collect shells and enjoy the sunshine and waves crashing along the coast. If you listened close enough, you could hear the tinkle of the shells as they crash among each other. We didn't allow Lou to swim, which caused him to squirm, but it was a memorable day.

Blog photo Hangin' with the Hagens in Ho-Hum RV Park Lou St. George Island Florida beach
St. George Island · Travis and Lou collecting shells

When we pulled into our final destination, we had a sense of comfort. Even though we had just traveled over 1,000 miles, our home came with us. And we finally had made it - winter in Florida! 

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