Using Your RV as a Ski Lodge

Posted on January 30, 2019


Last week our blog post focused on Snowbirds or people who travel to warm climates for the winter. But some people don’t escape the snow - in fact they chase the powder! RVing in cold temperatures can pose some unique challenges but to the traveler using their RV as a ski lodge, it’s worth it!

So you have decided to skip the crowded hotels and make base camp in your RV while you hit the slopes. While taking your motorhome deep into ski country can pose some unique challenges when the weather drops, we have tips for keeping your RV warm and winter-proof!

If you have already winterized your RV, it’s no problem if your campground has restroom facilities. Either way, it is best to pack extra blankets and water in your RV. Here are a few other items that are helpful as well:

  • De-icer
  • Snow shovel
  • Ice scraper
  • Jack pads
  • Winter wiper fluid
  • A diesel fuel additive if you are not using winterized diesel
  • Tire chains, these are sometimes legally required
  • Fire extinguisher especially if you plan to use a space heater

Before you leave for your trip, you should be sure the campground where you plan to stay is open during the winter. Once there, keeping snow off of your roof and awnings will keep them from becoming damaged from accumulation.

Insulation is very important on components of your mobile ski lodge. Be sure to keep shades blinds and vents closed while you are away to boost insulation. Additional insulation should be attached to your sewer hose if you are not using a heated hose. Consider using skirting around the bottom of your motorhome to keep the bottom from being exposed to cold winds and freezing temps.

Condensation is the enemy of your RV. This becomes an issue when the moisture in the air rises to more than 40%. A vent or window should always be cracked while you are in the RV to allow this moisture to escape. Fans and heaters will help dry the air or you could purchase a dehumidifier.

This week’s featured RVs have a ton of perks that make your snowy escape the perfect retreat in the back country.

Palazzo® Class A motorhomes

  • In-block 750-watt engine heater
  • Vacu-bond laminated roof, walls & floors with block foam insulation
  • Basement pass-through storage compartment
  • Lighted storage compartments
  • Frameless dual-pane windows
  • Window solar & privacy shades in living area
  • Electric fireplace with remote control in some models
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguisher
  • Get the ski report with Winegard® ConnecT 4G/WiFi system

Chateau® Sprinter

  • Vacu-bond laminated roof, walls & floors with block foam insulation
  • Lighted rotocast storage compartment
  • Deluxe heated/remote exterior mirrors
  • 12-volt attic fan in kitchen
  • Power bath vent with wall switch
  • 12-volt attic fan with cover in bedroom optional
  • Optional holding tanks with heat pads

Windsport® Class A RVs

  • Vacu-bond laminated roof, walls & floor with block foam insulation
  • Rotocast storage compartments
  • Optional frameless dual-pane windows
  • Heated/remote exterior mirrors with integrated side view cameras
  • 12-volt attic fan with cover
  • Enclosed & heated holding tanks in select models
  • Enclosed holding tanks with heat pads on some models

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