Working from Motor-Home

Posted on February 13, 2019


A growing population of full-time RVers are not retirees but are building careers - on the road. When a motorhome is not just a vacation home but a permanent residence and an at-home office, some unique features are desired.


Perhaps one of the most important needs of modern full-time RVers who “work from motorhome” is reliable internet access. Most jobs today require you to connect with others or send your work via the internet at some point. The Miramar by TMC comes standard with WiFi Ranger™ which extends or boosts the signal of your wireless network. This means your work is not confined to a certain spot in your motorhome but rather, you have the freedom to work on the patio or a blanket in the grass.

  • Dash workstation with 110-volt & 12-volt outlets
  • Reclining, swivel leatherette captain’s chairs
  • Stow-away coffee table
  • Leatherette Dream Dinette® booth

Find the Miramar floor plan that fits your business by clicking here.


The A.C.E. is for living your life on the road. The dash workstation has 110-volt and 12-volt outlets nearby, and there are plenty of additional charging centers for electronics throughout the coach. The A.C.E. is built with all family members in mind and includes unique pet-friendly features.

  • WiFi Ranger™ WiFi Extender
  • Stow-away coffee table
  • Reclining, swivel leatherette captain’s chairs in the cockpit
  • Pet-friendly motorhome with Kibble Station™, Pet-Link™, and Bird’s Eye™ window

Check out all the features of the A.C.E. that makes working remotely possible here.

Four Winds®

Some professions, like photographers or service reps, require a lot of extra equipment to tote around from place to place. Four Winds makes it easy with large storage compartments. Some models come with a portable table that stores inside the MEGA-Storage® compartments so you can set up your workspace beneath your powered patio awning.

  • Dream Dinette® booth
  • Pop-up countertop outlet (select models)
  • USB power charging centers throughout
  • WiFi Ranger™ WiFi Extender

Find the Four Winds that fits your working needs here.

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