Why RVing is the Best Way to Vacation with Kids

Posted on March 7, 2017 By Katherine Hunnicutt

I’m a mom of two imaginative and active boys who are 6 and 4. Any mom of young kids will agree with me - vacationing with young kids is hard. Harder than just staying home. Because kids don’t do well in new places without their own things and their own space.

Kids also don’t do well sitting in a car for hours at a time. Fights break out, the whiney voice takes over, they have to pee every 10 miles. It’s stressful, frustrating, and leads to a not-so-fun-time for everyone.

It becomes even more annoying when the kids don’t appreciate the vacation. My kids don’t remember seeing the Liberty Bell, they don’t want to eat these weird chicken tenders even though I paid $6 for them and they don’t care how fancy a hotel is. My kids remember things like “that one playground that was near that tree and it had that swing” … I have no memory of this place, but they do!

Luckily, there is one way to vacation that is fun for everyone involved. RVing!

There are tons of ways of entertaining them while driving down the road. They can watch TV, color at the dinette, and play with action figures. They can also bring along more toys than if you were staying in a hotel, so they can stay entertained for days on end.

They can move from one sitting area to the next when they get antsy, and you can separate them into different areas of the RV when they start to annoy each other. You can’t separate two kids in the back seat of a car when they’re sitting less than a foot away from each other.

You can bring their favorite foods along and cook right there in the kitchen. My kids tend to eat pretty unhealthy when we’re vacationing, because the food isn’t want their used to. Unless there’s a lot of persuasion (aka- threatening), they won’t eat anything but French fries. In the RV, I can cook exactly the way I do at home, and they eat exactly the way they do at home. Less stress, and less money.

Where you’re staying will likely have everything a kid could want or need. RV parks and national or state parks usually have at least a playground if not other outdoor activities and pools. A hotel would likely only have a pool and a TV inside your room.

You don’t have to worry about being too loud for your neighbors. At an RV park, you don’t want to be too loud. But a fussy baby late at night, or the kids running around inside won’t disturb anyone. You can relax knowing your kids can be kids.

The logistics of vacationing with kids could give me a headache, and even the slightest hiccup could ruin the whole trip. But RVing with my kids is something I look forward to, it’s something that requires minimal planning and, since I keep the kids’ toys in the RV at all times, there’s very little packing I have to do.

Let’s create happy memories of vacations with our kids, instead of frustrating ones. Let’s show our kids America and let them have new experiences without killing ourselves (or each other) in the process.

Let’s go RVing.


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