What to See When You RV - Rhode Island Edition

Posted on October 8, 2018


Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union, located in the New England region, but it is loaded with great things to do. Because it is so small, everything is within a short distance of each other. It distinguishes itself with its art, nightlife, cuisine, trendiness and beautiful beaches. Point your Class C motorhome or diesel pusher in that direction and expect to be wowed.

Cliff Walk in Newport is a wonderful destination and one of the leading attractions. It is quite pleasant to walk along the three and one-half mile path with the ocean on one side and craggy rocks and estates, harkening back to the gilded age, on the other. The walk is treacherous in places, so you must be careful and wear appropriate shoes. After your walk, drive past the splendid 1800s Vanderbilt mansion, referred to as “The Breakers,” or you can purchase a tour for a delightful look into how “the other half” lived. For a break in your day, stroll down Thames Street and enjoy delightful shops and eateries. Have a picnic at Bowen’s Wharf while listening to the waves crashing into the rocks. Then climb the steps of the Lighthouse for a breathtaking view. See Tuoro Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in America, built in 1763.

Drive inland to Blackstone Valley and see where America’s Industrial Revolution began. Visit Slater Mill and have a hands-on experience of spinning and weaving at the Sylvanus Brown house, and walk through historic buildings as demonstrations from the period are performed. Explore miles of off-road paths and bike trails. Take in the tap room at The Guild Brewery to try the local beers. Go rock climbing at Rock Spot Climbing.

Providence, the state’s capital, is alive with historical and contemporary points. Sample Italian cuisine in Federal Hill, a traditional Italian neighborhood. See early American exhibits along the cobblestoned road of Benefit Street. Drive the streets of College Hill and see 18th and 19th-century homes coexisting. Try a self-guided, downtown walking tour, or east of the city to learn about the personalities that made it a haven for diversity, or west along the Providence River for an amalgamation of the immigrant population. Excite the senses with WaterFire, a series of blazing fires on the three rivers downtown, lighting up nearly a mile and held from May to November. Participate in ghost tours through the dark streets of the East Side.

For a bit of rustic camping, try Burlingame State Park, and put your Class A motorhome to the test as no utilities are available. Know before you go and be prepared to live “off the grid” for your expected stay. You may find that you enjoy the simpler life (at least for a few days). With a large holding tank and battery compartment, you will find it sufficient, but the RUV (recreational utility vehicle) may be more suitable for maneuverability and off-road capability. Either way, your Rhode Island vacation is sure to be a winner.

If you are looking for long bike trails or easy short rides, Rhode Island is a bike lover’s dream. So put your bikes in your toy hauler and prepare to be awed. In some cities, you can cover a lot of ground and get to your destination without having to worry about driving and parking. Motorhomes are wonderful places to come home to, but park your RV and set off on foot or bicycle for an up-close adventure.

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