What to See When You RV - Oregon Edition

Posted on September 17, 2018


Oregon is a premium destination for the nature lover with many unusual attractions.

Crater Lake National Park offers fantastic views with beautiful Crater Lake as its centerpiece. Drive the 33-mile loop and stop at the many observation points for spectacular sights. This pristine lake has inspired many photographers, artists, and sightseers, and it continues to enthuse travelers. The park is open year round and offers, in addition to striking views, ski trails, hiking trails, ranger programs, and snowshoe walks. Use a Class A motorhome to carry the various paraphernalia for your outdoor escapades. The park has two campgrounds, open only during the summer, but only one takes reservations. You are allowed to gather wood from downed trees, adding to that wilderness experience.

Interested in fewer crowds? Little Crater Lake, located in Mount Hood National Forest near Portland, can give you a respite from the multitudes. Secluded and encircled by a dense forest, it is a trekker’s dream. Put on your backpack and hike some of the most unusual and beautiful trails found anywhere. In an RV motorhome, you can relax and appreciate nature.

Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, located beneath the streets, were used to transport goods to ships as well as kidnapped, able-bodied males, who were sold into slavery on seagoing ships and young women, who were sold as prostitutes. While its history is not virtuous, it is an interesting place to while away an afternoon. Plenty of free attractions are available for family fun, and guided tours include wine tasting, beer tasting, walking tours, biking and hiking tours, and even eating- adventure tours. Old Town Chinatown for shopping, entertainment, and dining is an interesting place to visit.

Close to the city center is Multnomah Village, a quaint suburb filled with shops, galleries, and cafes. Visit the 87-acre Gabriel Park and hike wooded stretches or get a game of volleyball or softball together with family or other visitors.

Enjoy the crashing waves from your campsite along the Oregon Coast in your motorhome. Wake up to the chill of a misty morning as seagulls soar overhead. Go clamming or crabbing in tide pools along the shore, or delight in fresh-water or deep-sea fishing. Up and down the coast, you will find relaxation, golfing, and exhilarating explorations. Explore the dunes at Discovery Point Resort, but be sure to make reservations to guarantee a spot. Enjoy summer concerts and breathtaking views in Brookings.

You do not want to miss the Oregon Shakespearean Festival in Ashland. While this can be an expensive venture, you will save a lot of money by staying in a Class C RV, as the price of lodging tends to escalate during that time. See the classics the way they were meant to be seen. The cuisine, the small town feel, and fall foliage combine to make this a unique experience. In addition to the festival, enjoy fishing, hiking, and boating. Camping sites in and around Ashland are very reasonable, but if you cannot reserve a site or find a first come, first serve campground, try boondocking (camping without hookups). Today’s motorhomes are likely to allow you to “rough it” for a few days, especially the RUV (recreational utility vehicle), and you may find that you love getting back to nature. What better place to rediscover nature than to travel through the state of Oregon.

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