What to See When You RV - New Mexico Edition

Posted on December 10, 2018


New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, is rich in history, culture, and adventure. Now is the time to see those points of interest that you have been wanting and about which you have been procrastinating. Enjoy a unique family outing filled with exciting things to see and do. Its beauty is magical.

Magnificent natural structures outside Santa Fe will leave you breathless. Tent Rock National Monument is a remarkable landmark formed from volcanic ash and lava flow, resembling a series of tents. For opera fans, the beautiful open-air Santa Fe Opera House is a great night-out away from the road. Its location on a hilltop allows summer breezes to flow through. Canyon Road is the Cultural Center of Santa Fe, having over 80 art galleries, numerous boutiques, and restaurants, as well as historical adobe homes.

Taos Ski Valley is a world-class resort and home to Nordic Cross-Country skiing. Enjoy snowboarding and downhill skiing. See the ancient ruins of Taos Pueblo. Native Americans have continuously occupied the adobe buildings for over 1000 years. Delight in a lovely drive through alpine meadows and forests on the 87-mile Enchanted Circle Drive. Stop at the Vietnam Memorial in Angel Fire. After a gorgeous, scenic drive, you may be relaxed enough to take on river rafting at any of the tour companies that offer it.

New Mexico is home to some of the largest tribes of Native Americans in the country, and many offer vacationers a host of activities for everyone to enjoy. Real western adventure awaits the lay explorers and history enthusiasts. The movie industry films movies throughout New Mexico daily, so your chances of being an extra in one is fairly high. Check online for open casting calls or sign up to be put on a mailing list. A Class C motorhome allows for a leisurely pace through the state and can be your home base if you get a gig as an extra for a day or two. In addition, motorhomes provide visitors with a less expensive way to travel since it can eliminate the need for restaurant meals and lodging.

Albuquerque has many unusual attractions. American International Rattlesnake Museum is dedicated entirely to rattlesnakes and has 34 different species, including rare ones like the Gila monster and albino snakes. The Pueblo Montano Chainsaw Sculpture Garden has sculpted dead trees in various shapes, such as an eagle rising from fire, beavers, a firefighter atop a dragon, and coyotes.

Drive your RV across the grooved strips on Route 66 near Tijeras and hear “America the Beautiful.” The vibrations caused by driving exactly 45 miles per hour will allow you to hear the song. This “musical highway” is designed to encourage drivers to slow down and follow the speed limit. Whether you are driving a gas RV or a diesel RV, it will adhere to the same vibrations as it crosses the strips. You will be amazed at this engineering feat.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is one of the most talked-about attractions in the state. There are 120 different caves with strange geological formations. Both self-guided and ranger-led tours are available. You can choose different caves for specific experiences. After being underground for a couple of hours, you may feel the need for the open sky. Try backpacking into the back-country for a memorable encounter with nature. An RUV (recreational utility vehicle) or a Class A toy hauler can be your best friend for back-woods camping and sports-related vacations.

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