What to See When You RV - Nevada Edition

Posted on December 17, 2018


Nevada is home to casinos, ghost towns and sweeping views of barrenness. It is desert! Yes, it is that and so much more. Pack your Class A toy hauler with enough gear to meet your adventurous needs as you travel throughout this state.

Have you ever experienced a real ghost town? Well, Nevada has over 600 of them. Some are only remnants of what they once were, completely abandoned, while others are called “living ghost towns” because they are populated, however sparsely. One abandoned town is Aurora in Esmerelda County. Dust and tumbleweed are the only inhabitants now. Belmont, in Nye County, has a mill and saloon still standing. Pine Grove, in Lyon County, is completely abandoned, as well. As spooky as some of them are, it would be fun to imagine what they were like in their heyday. Why not park your RV and immerse yourself in the experience - even role-play. Make a family activity out of it. Some ghost towns are tourist attractions, but the abandoned ones offer an outlet for your vivid imagination.

The mining boom of the early 19th century brought on the building of Virginia City.  See an abandoned silver mine on the Ponderosa Mine tour, located behind the Ponderosa Saloon. Take a Western-era photo, dressed in dance-hall and cowboy costumes. Visit the rustic 1900s Red Dog Saloon to get a feel of the atmosphere of the time. Treat yourself to the various specialty and gift shops.

Stake out a campsite among the bristlecone pines in Great Basin National Park. During the summer, sunbathe at 6800 feet above sea level. Fish in the many creeks, or hike to the Lexington Arch for a stunning view. For colorful foliage, plan your visit in the fall or enjoy the serenity of snowcapped peaks in winter and the migration of the mule deer. In a Class A motorhome or Class C motorhome, you are sure to be comfortable during any season. Motorhomes crunching in the snow as you drive through the park in winter reminds you of how far removed from your hectic life you really are. Vacations feel different during the spring. It is a time of awakening - birds singing, flowers blooming, and snow melting into the many streams and creeks. While in the park, visit the Lehman Caves, drive the scenic Wheeler Peak or take a leisurely walk down the Island Forest Trail.

Who can visit Nevada without at least seeing the famed Las Vegas in all its glitz and glamour? You do not have to be a gambler to enjoy the excitement of the bright lights and busy Las Vegas Strip. Although the town has morphed into a chaotic tangle of high rises in recent years, it is still a prime destination for the young at heart. If the Strip is too busy for you, drive downtown to Fremont Street and enjoy the exciting shows in the night sky. If you have small children, beware of some of the elements you might encounter.

Captivating fascinations that lure the visitor and bring out the kid in you fill Nevada. The RUV (recreational utility vehicle) may be more suited for some desert locales as it allows for greater maneuverability, so a gas RV or a diesel RV that gives you that ease of movement makes the trip agreeable.

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