What to See When You RV - Missouri Edition

Posted on November 26, 2018


Missouri, the Show Me State, is fascinating. Its nickname is said to have come from a speech by a Congressman who said "... I'm from Missouri, and you have got to show me." In addition to some of the most famous musicians, scientists, authors, and battlefields, the state lays claim to enough places to make an RV trip there worthwhile. Lakes, trails, mountains, and rivers provide enough calming activities to keep the most harried camper idle long enough to quiet his nerves.

Take a self-guided tour of Mark Twain’s boyhood home in the small town of Hannibal to learn how the imagination of Samuel Clemens has ignited the imagination of little boys everywhere. An hour and a half west of Hannibal, see the boyhood home of one of the most noted military officers in history, General John Pershing. Continuing on this historical quest, the birthplace of Harry S. Truman, the 33rd president of the United States, is in Lamar. Tour the home and get a feel for the era through the furnishings and paintings from that period. The monument of George Washington Carver, the famous African American scientist, and educator is located in Diamond, just a half hour drive from Lamar.

Explore Missouri’s parks and natural areas year round. Weston Bend State Park features miles of hiking and biking trails for a view of the Missouri River at different intervals. Observe different species of birds and ducks during the spring and fall migrations. Crowder State Park in Trenton is excellent for horseback riding, hiking, fishing, picnicking, and mountain biking. Transport all the equipment you need in the Class A toy hauler to ensure a wonderful vacation. The calm waters and serene feel of these campgrounds soothe the savage beast, and a motorhome in this setting stirs passions for the great outdoors.

The scenic Route 61 provides plenty of adventure for the family. See a pioneer post office and general store in the 19th-century village of Cedar Falls in Canton. Kids and adults alike will enjoy old-fashioned dry goods and candies in barrels as they peruse the various assortments and take a step back in time. The schoolhouse from the early 20th century is still functioning and has a few children enrolled. A malt shop and jukebox from the 1950s will remind parents or grandparents of their childhood.

Archaeology enthusiasts will enjoy Van Meter State Park, near Marshall, as they explore remnants of a village that belonged to the Missouria Tribe, the state’s namesake. Several burial mounds bring to life the history of the area. Set up camp at Cuivre River State Park and hike the nature trails or go horseback riding. Enjoy the pristine beauty of the park in a Class A motorhome or a Class C motorhome. A peaceful getaway is probably the reason you chose to vacation in an RV, so spend time relaxing and enjoying its comforts. Though smaller, an RUV (recreational utility vehicle) will provide the same comfort while the hustle and bustle of life melt away.

Missouri is home to many Civil War battlefields throughout the state. Walk the same ground today as the soldiers of the Civil War did in Pilot Knob, Republic, Lexington and Athens. Your gas RV or diesel RV will have lots of company as motorhomes are common sites in and around this part of the country.

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