What to See When You RV - Michigan Edition

Posted on January 18, 2018

Create wonderful memories with family when you drive in one of the most remarkable states in the Union. Michigan has sites and locales that will astound you, and traveling in an RV makes it that much more pleasurable.

Motorhomes provide the family with an array of possibilities for adventure. Even invite friends or other family members to meet you at various locations for a fun-filled time together. Combine peaceful retreats and stirring vistas when you visit many of Michigan’s campgrounds that showcase its many natural marvels. Escape to nature in unspoiled forests, or take along a backpack to explore camping off the beaten path. Thor Motor Coach manufactures an RUV (recreational utility vehicle) that is perfect for the adventurer in you. It has abundant storage and can bring off-road escapades to new heights with so many amenities that you feel right at home.

For fun during the fall season, marvel at the scenery as you wind your way through the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Enjoy the journey, and choose sites for camping as you traverse the many miles of roadway. See famous landmarks and stop for photos of fall foliage. Lakeshores, nature preserves, and wildlife round out a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Because four of the Great Lakes surround Michigan, it becomes a favorite destination for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Kids and adults will enjoy the panoramic vistas of Lake of the Clouds, located in the Porcupine Mountains. A Class A motorhome is one of the best environments to view the majesty that nature provides. It, or the Class C motorhome, provides travelers one of the most fantastic ways to experience the countryside. Hike, fish, or simply enjoy the wonders of creation.

In Detroit, visit the Henry Ford Museum to learn about the first American automobile. Travel down memory lane at Hitsville, U. S. A., former home of the Motown sound. Stand on the spot where musical legends stood to record their iconic sounds of the 1960s and 1970s. Enjoy biking or picnicking on stunning Belle Isle, a 900-acre park near the border of Ontario, Canada. This quiet, peaceful gem is a great place to simply lie on the beach, take in a morning stroll, or rent a kayak and spend time on the water. You can also jog or find a tranquil place to meditate. Midweek is less crowded and is probably the best for meditation. Among other sites on the island, see a nature zoo, Whitcomb Conservatory, a giant slide, aquarium, and three different lakes.

Mackinac Island is a must-see. Although it covers less than four miles, it is a National Historic Landmark. Observe Victorian architecture and spend a day at the oldest structure in the state, Fort Mackinac, for a taste of the history of the island. Park your motorhome at one of the nearby campgrounds and hop on a ferry to cross over to the island. Once there, you can move around by bicycle or horse and buggy. Strolling on the island is a real treat. Bring your bikes along in a Class A toy hauler and cart them to the island via ferry because no vehicles are allowed on the island. The historic Grand Hotel, built in 1887, would be a special treat for a night’s stay.

Michigan’s terrain ranges from flat land in the east to rugged and hilly in the Upper Peninsula, but either a gas RV or a diesel RV would be an appropriate choice for an itinerary that covers this delightful state.


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