What to See When You RV - Iowa Edition

Posted on April 11, 2018

The rolling plains and abundant cornfields of Iowa are in our nation’s heartland. It mainly produces corn, soybeans and livestock, so traveling across the “Hawkeye” state in a gas RV or a diesel RV is sure to be educational and enjoyable.

Cedar Rapids boasts historic sites, specialty museums and interesting theaters. In the New Bohemia District, experience the old world charm of Czech Village, a recap of Cedar Rapid’s Czech heritage, for great vintage and souvenir shopping, as well as wonderful food. Indian Creek Nature Center offers great camping, biking and hiking. You may be lucky enough to attend a Creekside concert at the Amphitheatre during the summer or see how maple syrup is made.

Sioux City has casinos, museums, concerts, and, for a more festive occasion, lots of nightlife. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is well worth a visit to learn about their journey and their contribution to the country. For those with a sweet-tooth, do not miss Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe with its huge assortment of bulk candies, some of which can only be found in Sioux City. Also, try the walking trails at Stone State Park, which have picturesque viewing spots in tranquil settings.

In Le Claire, take a break from your motorhome and enjoy the pristine, natural beauty of a Mississippi River cruise. Look for Bald Eagles and a variety of other birds. Enjoy the unique experience of passing through the Mississippi Locks and Dams. Food, drinks and entertainment await you on this fantastic day trip. If you are a fan of the show, “American Pickers,” visit the site where it is filmed and see some of the “pick” items on display.

The state capital of Des Moines beckons you with a visit to Brown’s Woods for a real nature walk with wooded trails that lead down to the river. There is even a possibility of seeing deer. For biking, try the Des Moines River Trail, which follows the river from Gray’s Lake to Big Creek. Wildlife proliferates along the trail, and the opportunities for sight-seeing and photography are abundant.

Iowa Great Lakes, covering 15,000 acres, are located 200 miles Northwest of Des Moines. Explore Maquoketa Caves to see geological formations from thousands of years ago. For a truly unique and peaceful camping opportunity, try camping at Walking Stick Adventure Farm. RVs are welcome at nearby campgrounds, but you will want to sleep in one of the teepees. Take a canoe out on the small pond for fishing or a romantic interlude. Pull out sleeping bags from your RV or Class A toy hauler and snuggle down in your own teepee for the night, feeling like a real pioneer. A Class A motorhome or a Class C motorhome has kept you in real style; now get a taste of a more rustic experience.

Campgrounds throughout the state provide rock climbing, fishing, biking and hiking. One such park is the steep, narrow Backbone State Park. Motorhomes that give you that extra muscle to maneuver higher elevations may more suitable, so an RUV (recreational utility vehicle) might be a good choice.

Although Iowa is in our heartland, it surprisingly manufactures more products than it produces in agriculture, but for those who have an affinity for the period when we were an agrarian society, it still delivers in spades.


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