Unique Museums Series - West Coast

February 12, 2020

OBAMA is the former POTUS and the acronym for the Official Bad Art Museum of Art in Seattle, Washington. Located within Café Racer, which is known for its signature dish, the Wonder Wiener – a hot dog stuffed with bacon, cream cheese, chilis and onions – the “Cheeto” colored walls are adorned with all medium of (bad) art. Most of the collection has been donated by the artists that are inspired to be included in this totally-ironic-in-a-fun-way hangout. Are you itching to create some good or bad art to fill your motorhome? Well, you are in luck, because the ACE® Class A makes a beautiful backdrop for your gallery.


Not all museums are on land. The USS Hornet in San Francisco, California is a decommissioned aircraft carrier turned sea, air and space museum, and is permanently docked in the San Francisco Bay. Exhibits aboard the USS Hornet reflect the use of the ship during its commissioned years from WWII until 1970. 15 historical aircraft are aboard the ship, along with items related to the NASA Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 space programs, as the USS Hornet was the prime recovery ship for Apollo 11. Climb aboard the ship-turned-museum where astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first stood on solid ground upon their return to earth! On your way, you can appreciate these nautical-inspired features in your Quantum® Sprinter!

Perhaps the most unique stop on our Unique Museums tour would have to go to a small museum located in a city that is known for being weird – and embracing it. The Zymoglyphic Museum in Portland, Oregon is so odd, the word used to describe it had to be invented by the curator. The definition combines two words to describe this highly unusual art made from organic and manmade materials. This is art you have to see to fully appreciate the uniqueness. Chateau® Class C motorhomes also blend the organic outside with luxurious manmade materials to make sure your nature getaway comes with all the creature comforts.

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