Tips for RVing on the Cheap

Posted on June 12, 2017

If money was no object, most people would travel far more than they do. What many don't realize is that they can switch to living most or all of the time out of a motorhome or RV to satisfy their wanderlust without breaking the bank. While buying a class A motorhome, toy hauler, RUV or other motorhome is a major investment, there are plenty of ways to keep things more affordable once you are actually on the road. Read on below to find out how people keep expenses in check while traveling the country in their motorhomes.


First, you may feel like you need to constantly be on the go when traveling in your class C motorhome. It makes sense to do so for brief excursions, but when you are going to be at it full time or most of the time, it just isn't practical. Learn to be okay with just hanging out around the campground or park here and there. Many RV parks have inexpensive and even free events and activities, so ask about those wherever you go. Remember, people who live in RVs are basically on permanent vacations. You're one of them now, so learn how to take it easy.

Travel During "Shoulder Seasons"

If your travels will take you to touristy areas, try to plan them for times when rates are less expensive. Of course, this typically means planning for the off season. However, the off season is usually the off season for a reason. The weather usually isn't very nice, and many services may not be available. Instead, travel between peak season and the off season. Known as "shoulder seasons," these are popular times of year for people to get out and about in their motorhomes and RVs.

Stock Up at a Warehouse Store

Avoid buying groceries from local mom and pop stores as much as possible. You will quickly find that you are being nickel and dimed for everyday staples like bread and milk. Instead, and if at all possible, get a membership to Sam's Club, Costco or another warehouse store with locations around the country. For around $50 per year or so, you will then have access to bulk savings on many everyday staples. After parking your gas RV, diesel RV or other vehicle for a spell, head over to the nearest warehouse store to stock up on whatever you need. You will save vast amount of money this way--you just need to find room to store everything.

Say No to Pricey Gadgets

The market is flooded with nifty gadgets for RVing. You can easily spend a small fortune on special equipment for your gas or diesel RV, class A toy hauler, RUV or class A motorhome. However, you don't truly "need" most of these things, so don't feel compelled to spend the money. From time to time, of course, it's okay to buy upgrades for your toy hauler or class C motorhome. Just remember that it's not mandatory and that you can usually get by without splurging like this.

Avoid Unnecessary Services

When you check in to a campground or park, you may be the kind of person who always automatically requests a full hookup. Although having a full hookup is convenient, it is also more expensive than opting for a site that is less well equipped. Ask yourself how much you really need that hookup before agreeing to pay for it. From time to time, consider dumping your tanks at dump stations and taking other steps to avoid the extra fees that go along with full campsite hookups.

Although some aspects of RVing are more expensive than "regular life," many aspects of it will save you money over the long haul. Once you own your gas RV or class A toy hauler free and clear, you won't have a bill to pay every month anymore, so your travels will be more affordable still. Plenty of people just like you make RVing lifestyles work for them, so there is no reason that you can't too. By taking a few frugal steps and being mindful about how you spend your money, you will be able to comfortably live and travel out of your motorhome for years to come.


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