Tips for Introducing Yourself at a New RV Community

Posted on May 8, 2017

Traveling in an RV isn't just a great way to see the country. It's also a great way to make new friends. As anyone who has traveled extensively in a motorhome can attest, RV parks and communities are very welcoming places. While staying at one, there are tons of opportunities to socialize and make new friends. However, it's also easy to feel like an outsider upon initially arriving. Before heading out for another adventure in your class A motorhome, pick up some great tips for introducing yourself at new campgrounds. Before you know it, you'll be developing amazing new friendships all over the country.

Ask for a Tour

If you've seen one campground, you've seen them all--right? While that's often true in terms of amenities and the like, it doesn't apply when it comes to the people who you will meet. Although it might seem silly, ask for a tour of a new park after arriving. Once your class C motorhome is set up, have an employee take you around to check everything out. Along the way, you're sure to run into others and might even get a few introductions.

Check Out the Community Center

Campgrounds vary considerably, but the vast majority have some sort of community center or area that's designated for gatherings. After getting your gas RV or diesel RV set up and squared away, mosey on over to the community area to see what's happening. Look for postings about upcoming events, as they are great opportunities for getting to know others in the community.


Many campgrounds enjoy a great spirit of community, where residents pitch in to keep the place in nice shape. This doesn't just mean keeping their RVs in good condition. It also means cleaning up common areas and the like. Inquire at the office to see if they could use any help. You will quickly get to know just about everyone there.

Walk the Dog

If you brought your dog along with you in your class A toy hauler, you have a great way to get to know others in the park. Get into the habit of taking your dog for walks at a few different times of day. When you run into other people, make a point of smiling, making eye contact and saying hello. You will most likely run into others walking their dogs, and a shared loved of dogs makes a great conversation starter.

Throw a Get Together

A great way to encourage others to get out of their motorhomes and to hang out is by throwing a casual get together. Plan a day and time, and pass out flyers alerting others. You don't need an excuse to throw a gathering; just bill it as a welcome party if you'd like. Hold it outdoors so that there's no need to make your RUV or toy hauler spic and span. Even if only a handful of people show up, this is a great way to quickly get to know others in the community.

People who don't regularly travel in motorhomes will never understand the incredible spirit of community that exists at RV parks around the country. By putting yourself out there and getting to know others, you will amass many great friends through the years, and your travels will be that much more memorable.


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