Those Crazy RVers

Posted on February 9, 2017

It’s that time of year again - when RV shows start popping up all over the country. These events signal the beginning of the RV buying season. RV shows are a great place to tour a wide variety of motor coaches, trailers, pop ups, and truck tops in a low pressure, fun, and indoor (aka warm) environment.

We found our 2016 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E. 30.2 at an RV show in Maryland. We started the RV search with a dealership and were very disappointed. It was a cold and snowy February day, and of course, most of the RVs were outside on the lot. They didn’t have power running to them, and the salesman was choosing which ones to show us. Not a pleasant memory.   

We wanted to see all sorts of RVs so we could decide what features we liked, what was available in our price range, and what would be a comfortable size for our family. Unfortunately, the dealership didn’t do that for us. But the RV show did! The comfortable, no pressure atmosphere was wonderful. The sales associates let you wander around and explore inside every RV, without following you around. In most cases, they didn’t even go into the RV with you, but were around for questions. All the RVs were hooked up to electric - so you could actually see everything inside the RV and how it worked.

Wait a minute! I thought this post was about crazy RVers, not RV shows. Don’t worry- I’m getting there.

Going to an RV show when you’re planning on buying an RV isn’t what makes RVers crazy. That’s the purpose of the RV show. What makes RVers crazy is when they already own an RV, they aren’t planning on buying a new one … yet they’re still going to all the RV shows they can find! They’re actually spending money on tickets, driving a couple hours, and walking around all day looking at RVs that they have absolutely no plans to buy.

It’s a thing! RV owners go to RV shows! And we’ve done it, too! We’ve attended an RV shows while Big Lou (our RV) was parked at home. It’s a phenomenon that I can’t fully wrap my head around.

As we’re planning to attend another RV show (the same one where we found Big Lou last year), I’ve found myself wondering why I’m so excited about it - and maybe other RVers feel this same way.

I like looking at amazing RVs that I can’t afford (like a 40 foot diesel pusher or even a Super C), I like the information booths, I like meeting and talking to other RV owners, and I just like the general atmosphere of the place. Simply put - RV shows are fun!

I can think of a few other things that make RVers crazy. They hang strings of chili pepper lights on the awnings and place pink flamingos around the picnic table - and it’s totally cool and acceptable with the neighbors. I might go as far as to say, “It’s encouraged.” RVers are excited to tell you about sleeping in a parking lot overnight for free. They’ll talk about sewage and strange smells as if it’s appropriate dinner conversation. They invite strangers they met on a walk around the campground over for dinner. And they even name their RVs and talk about it as if it’s a part of their family … Oh wait - that’s probably just me, haha!

In short- RVers are a crazy group of people, who are separated by age, income, and even geography, but we have one thing in common - we have an RV and we’ve likely gone a little RV crazy.


Katherine and her family love traveling, tasting new foods, and exploring our great nation. The Hunnicutts are on a mission to discover as much as they can during affordable, weekend trips in their RV. Follow her blog, The Paved Frontier to see their RV travels, advice and travel tips.


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