Taking Along Your Toad

Posted on February 27, 2019


The RV toad, a vehicle which is towed behind your RV, is a convenience many travelers choose, even when they own motorhomes. Sometimes it is easier to park your motorhome and take a drive in your car especially when traveling to National Parks or other areas that have steep and narrow roads.

The Quantum Class C motorhome features easy maneuverability when towing a vehicle with options like a back-up monitor and navigation. The Quantum is built on either a Ford® E-Series chassis or Chevrolet® chassis depending on the model. No matter which model you choose, the Quantum will deliver your toad safely and efficiently with features such as:

  • 6.8L V10 Ford chassis or 6.0L V8 on Chevrolet chassis on select floor plans
  • 8,000 lb. trailer hitch
  • Touchscreen dash radio with navigation and back-up monitor
  • Deluxe or heated/remote exterior mirrors with integrated cameras on select models

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The Axis® RUV™ stands alone as an easy-to-navigate motorhome that can get you where you want to go, but if you prefer to park your motorhome at your destination and drive around in your car, then the Axis will be waiting for you with a welcoming interior. Towing capability includes:

  • Ford E-Series chassis with a V10 engine
  • 8,000 lb. trailer hitch
  • Heated remote exterior mirrors with integrated side-view cameras
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Fog lights

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The Aria® Class A diesel pusher is spacious and luxurious, but most people prefer to use their toad when they expect a quick trip into town or want to take an off-road trail. The Aria is powerful, full of high-end features, and handles any toad with ease. Aria comes with:

  • Freightliner® XC-R raised-rail chassis with Atlas™ Foundation
  • Cummins® ISB-XT 6.7L diesel engine
  • Full air front & rear drum anti-lock brakes
  • 10,000 lb. trailer hitch
  • Sachs® shock absorbers
  • Exhaust brakes
  • Back-up monitor with a three-camera system
  • Chrome-heated power mirrors with integrated side-view cameras
  • Tilt telescoping steering column
  • Air horns

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