Six More Weeks of Winter!?

Posted on February 15, 2017 By Katherine Hunnicutt

Groundhog Day was just a couple of weeks ago, and while the accuracy rate of Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions is low, this year I do believe his prediction of six more weeks of winter.

If you’re living in the Northern part of the country, you’re likely feeling the winter blues as much as we are. We miss our frequent weekend vacations, the excitement of hitting the open road, finding a great RV park and spending the weekend unwinding around a fire pit.

I’ve never been someone who wasn’t happy at home, but this first winter away from Big Lou (our 2016 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E.) has been more difficult than I anticipated. The winter months are crawling by, and I’m wondering if a weekend away would be worth de-winterizing and re-winterizing Big Lou. The temptation is even stronger since the A.C.E. has tank warmers. My husband (the official winterizer in our home) argues against this.

Instead, I’m finding ways of using these non-travel months to my advantage. We decided to get all of Big Lou’s warranty work done this month. While we didn’t have any major issues that needed to be fixed, a few things rattled loose and we noticed some missing screws. RV work can take time- we anticipate four weeks in the shop. Winter is a great time to get warranty work done so it doesn’t interrupt any travel plans.

I’m also organizing an “RV Binder” and everything I want to put back into the RV as the warmer months approach. I started keeping an RV binder last year (a small zipper binder) during our huge trip- but it was little more than disorganized lined paper and receipts stuffed in all the pockets. This binder has pre-departure check lists, dividers, emergency numbers listed, and extra copies of important documents (like the dogs’ shot records). It also has a packing list, to remind me of everything we’ll need to take along.

If you’re like me, you forget to pack a few things each vacation- really important things. I’ve forgotten my contact lens case and glasses, shoes (try sightseeing in uncomfortable flats all weekend), PJs for the kids, and dog leashes. The types of things that you end up making a quick stop at a store to buy a replacement. This can interrupt the flow of a trip and quickly become expensive.

As a Weekend Warrior who takes frequent trips, it makes sense to have a second set of everything in the RV during travel months. I have a pile of pots and pans, extra clothes, and duplicate toiletries building in our spare bedroom. It’s like a constant reminder that even though we’re not vacationing right now, we’ll be out on the road again soon.

Before long I’ll start spring cleaning in the RV, loading it up with supplies, and we’ll take our first trip of the year. To all my fellow RVers with the winter blues- stay strong, spring is coming!


Katherine and her family love traveling, tasting new foods, and exploring our great nation. The Hunnicutts are on a mission to discover as much as they can on affordable, weekend trips in their RV. Follow her blog, The Paved Frontier to see their RV travels, advice and travel tips.



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