How to "Settle Down" while Traveling By RV

Posted on August 3, 2017

When people initially adopt RVing lifestyles, they typically spend at least a year or two moving around a lot. The newness of living exclusively in a class A motorhome, RUV or gas or diesel RV makes it fun and exciting to be constantly on the move. Eventually, however, most people start hankering for slightly less chaotic lifestyles. Fortunately, that doesn't mean having to ditch the RV lifestyle altogether. In most cases, it simply means adjusting the way in which you use your gas RV or other motorhome. Read on to find out how to strike a balance between seeing the world and putting down roots while traveling in motorhomes.

Follow the Weather

Let's face it: Traveling by and living in an RV isn't quite as fun when the weather is bad. Not surprisingly, people who travel the country in RVs often split their time between northern areas and southern ones precisely so that they can enjoy excellent weather throughout the year. Instead of traveling aimlessly around in a class C motorhome, class A toy hauler or other motorhome, then, consider shifting north during the summer and south during the winter. Think of it as having a summer home and a winter home--except you get to take yours with you!

Return to Familiar Places

As you explore the country from the comfort of your class A motorhome, you will discover that some RV parks and campgrounds suit you better than others. A great way to feel more connected while traveling is by returning to the same places on a regular basis. Establish a list of parks and campgrounds that you really enjoy, and make a point of stopping by each one on a regular basis. This will make your travels seem less aimless, and it will help you to feel more grounded and connected with the world.

Keep Two Motorhomes

If you grow tired of being tethered to your RUV at all times, you might consider buying a second and keeping it in a different part of the country. Many people keep one of their motorhomes somewhere in the north and another somewhere in the south. They can then drive their regular cars to their RVs and use those places as jumping off points for adventures. By doing this, you will essentially have a couple of home bases that you can get to know. This will make you feel less adrift and more in touch with the community at large.

Make Friends

One reason that people sometimes lose their enthusiasm for being constantly on the road in their toy hauler or gas or diesel RV is because they feel isolated. Fortunately, this problem can be easily remedied. Again, make a point of returning again and again to the same parks. Put yourself out there and get to know others who are living RVing lifestyles. As you establish new connections and relationships around the country, you will feel less at sea when traveling by toy hauler or gas RV. Having familiar faces to greet you is very soothing.

Return Home Often

Even if you sell your house, you should still make a point of returning to your hometown on a regular basis. If you don't really feel like you have a "hometown" per se, pencil in regular visits to relatives, friends and other loved ones around the country. People tend to be quite generous about inviting their RVing friends to crash at their place for a night or two, and being in a regular house every now and then is nice. By breaking up long stretches of traveling in your class C motorhome with visits back to your hometown or to see friends or family, you will have a more balanced and enjoyable time.

Traveling the country by class A toy hauler, class A motorhome or another type of motorhome is a dream come true for many. However, it's natural to get pangs of homesickness here and there or to occasionally wish that you were more settled down. By availing yourself of the tips that are highlighted above, you will be able to strike a better balance. In turn, you will be much less likely to burn out completely, and you'll find it easier to fully embrace your exciting new lifestyle.


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