How to Keep Your Pup Healthy while RVing

Posted on January 16, 2017

For many motorhome owners, RVing is a family affair - and that extends to furry, four-legged friends too. Most dogs do well with this type of travel and enjoy it. However, all too often, owners inadvertently allow their dogs' health to fall by the wayside. To ensure that your pup returns home no worse for the wear, it's important to keep certain things in mind. The open road presents many health hazards for dogs, from fleas, ticks and other pests to contaminated water sources. Like people, dogs often overindulge while traveling too and can pack on far too much extra weight. Pick up some tips for keeping your pooch as healthy as can be while RVing by reading on below.

Visit the Vet

Prior to hitting the road for an extended trip in your RV, get your dog in for a check-up with the veterinarian. In addition to looking your dog over to ensure that they are in good health, the vet should check the dog's vaccination records to ensure that they are up to date. Of particular importance are vaccines for parvo, Lyme disease, rabies and distemper. The latter is extremely dangerous and can be picked up simply through exposure to urine from an infected animal, so it's crucial to ensure that your dog is adequately protected.

Ward Off Pests

The last thing that you need is for your dog to become infested with fleas and other pests while on the road. In addition to making your pup miserable, these pests can hitch rides into your Class C Motorhome, where they will wreak havoc on its human inhabitants too. Take a proactive approach to the situation by getting a pest repellent like Frontline or Advantage for your dog. Reduce the risk of ticks by avoiding areas of dense vegetation, including the woods and tall grass. If you must bring your dog into such areas, carefully look them over when you're finished. If you see a tick, use the flat edge of a credit card to gently scrape it away.

Use Filtered Water

As always, keep your dog away from puddles and other water sources, as there's no telling whether or not the water is healthy. Even water from RV campgrounds can be problematic, as local water can cause stomach upsets and other issues. With that in mind, invest in an in-line water filter for motorhomes to ensure that your pup has clean, safe water at all times. If your dog is particularly sensitive, you might even consider exclusively giving it bottled water.

Keep Them Moving

Traveling in a gas or diesel RV is a great way to see the world, but it also means being sedentary for long periods of time. Whenever you stop your toy hauler for a breather, let your dog get out and roam around. Once you will stay in one place with your Class A Motorhome for a while, find trails and other areas to explore with your pooch. You might also research diesel and gas RV parks along your route that include dog runs and dog parks. By keeping your dog active, it'll be easier to keep them at a healthy weight--and they will feel happier and more socialized too.

With the dog in tow, your RVing excursions will be that much more enjoyable. Just keep the tips above in mind to ensure that your four-legged friend stays as healthy and happy as can be.


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