How to Handle Mail when Traveling By RV

Posted on June 9, 2017

One thing that people often forget to account for when embarking on an RVing lifestyle is how they will handle receiving mail. If you are bidding adieu to your house to live exclusively in a class A motorhome, RUV, gas RV, diesel RV or other type of motorhome, however, you won't have a permanent address anymore. Although the dawning of the digital era has brought about things like online bill pay and email, regular mail is still a necessary evil in today's world. Needless to say, plenty of people travel in motorhomes exclusively and manage to get by. Learn how to manage your mail while traveling by RV by reading on below.

Rent a PO Box or Private Mail Box

The first and most obvious way to ensure that you get important mail is by renting a post office box or a private mail box from a mail service. Make sure to put this on your to-do list while preparing to establish an RVing lifestyle. Choose a mailbox in a town or area that you are sure to return to often, if possible. Otherwise, select a location that is central enough that you can easily stop through from time to time.

As for which type to get--a PO box or a private mailbox--that depends on a few things. In either case, you should be able to access your mail around the clock. However, post offices often have more limited hours than private mail companies. If you think that you will need additional services and more accessibility, then, you might consider renting a private mail box while exploring the country by gas RV, class A toy hauler, class C motorhome or another vehicle. Either way, do plenty of research to ensure that you make a decision that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Have Your Mail Forwarded

For a while after you begin your new lifestyle, mail that goes to your old address needs to be forwarded somewhere. People traveling in RVs and motorhomes often struggle to get through this adjustment period, and they may lose track of important mail. Avoid this issue by instructing that the mail be forwarded to General Delivery at the post office of your choice. Most post offices will only hold such mail for 30 days, so make sure that you will be able to easily collect your mail if you choose this option.

Try an RV Club Forwarding Service

Many motorhome clubs offer mail forwarding services to their members. Of course, annual dues typically have to be paid, but otherwise, this is a pretty easy and affordable way to keep track of your mail while exploring the country by RUV, class A motorhome, toy hauler or other vehicle. In most cases, these services will provide you with an address where your mail can be collected. They will then send it all to you from time to time whenever you stay put for a decent period of time. You may have to pay an additional fee for this service, but it's a great one in a pinch.

Friends and Family

Like many who decide to ditch their homes for their RVs, you may assume that you can just let friends or relatives collect and hold your mail for you. This may work for the short term, but it's quite burdensome when it must be done over an extended period of time. You will feel like you are imposing as you go here and there in your class C motorhome or toy hauler while your friends keep track of your mail. Therefore, only do this temporarily, and quickly line up a more reliable way to access your mail while on the road in a diesel RV.

Although many adjustments need to be made to make a go of living the RVing lifestyle, they aren't usually nearly as daunting as they appear. Mail is important, but there are plenty of ways to ensure that you still receive yours even without a permanent address. If you are in the early stages of planning life on the road in your class A toy hauler, sort out the mail situation now. The sooner you do, the less likely you are to miss something important.


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