How to Do Thanksgiving Right in an RV

Posted on November 16, 2017

When contemplating whether or not to sell their homes and live in their RVs or motorhomes, people often worry about how they will handle celebrating holidays without a "permanent" home. For holidays like Thanksgiving, of course, you can always just aim to stay with loved ones and celebrate at their homes. However, there's no reason not to celebrate the holiday right in your toy hauler, gas RV or other motorhome. Regardless of the setup of your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to properly observe this holiday even if you are clear across the country. Continue reading to pick up some useful tips for enjoying a special Thanksgiving in your RV.

Top Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving while Traveling by RV

Here are some fun, easy ways to celebrate Thanksgiving while traveling in an RUV:

  • Community Dinners - Scout around for community Thanksgiving dinners near wherever you will be parking your diesel RV. These are commonly held by churches and community centers, but they are sometimes held at campgrounds. Just search Google for "community Thanksgiving dinners near me" to find something convenient. The best part about this for travelers is that they are able to spend the holiday surrounded by others, which is a real treat.

  • Cook Your Own Dinner - Now, this one involves a lot of work and a healthy dose of creativity, but it can be done! Depending on the setup in your Class A toy hauler or other motorhome, of course, this may be surprisingly easy. Tricks like using a disposal pan or cooking a small bird or turkey breast always work in a pinch. For sides, you might try cooking some in the days leading up to the holiday, or you might use a crock pot to prepare a few simple things. Then again, you could supplement your turkey with sides purchased from a local store.

  • Go Out - Increasingly, local restaurants are hosting their own special Thanksgiving meals for people who don't have family dinners to attend for whatever reason. Many people just don't enjoy all the preparations and prefer eating a nice meal out. Of course, the available options vary wildly depending on where you happen to be. You'll have no trouble finding something in a major metropolitan area, for instance, but you may be out of luck if you are out in a rural area or otherwise somewhat cut off from civilization.

  • Volunteer - Finally, a great way to give thanks is by giving back. Why not find a local organization that is offering free Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless and needy? You won't have to worry about dirtying up your Class A motorhome, and you will be able to help others who are less fortunate. The spirit of giving is sure to make the holiday all the more special for you and your loved ones. Volunteers are typically fed too, so you will be able to enjoy a nice meal alongside those who you help.

Whether you have a Class C motorhome, a toy hauler, an RUV or another type of RV, there's no reason not to observe Thanksgiving even while on the road. You might even consider making it a tradition and celebrating Thanksgiving from a different part of the country every year. The memories that you make will last a lifetime!


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