Getting Ready for Our First Spring Trip

Posted on March 15, 2017 By Katherine Hunnicutt

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about Six More Weeks of Winter!? and feeling the despair of a long cold winter. Now we’re getting Big Lou (our 2016 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E.) back from the shop this week, we’ve consistently had nights that are nearly above the freezing point, and the sun has been shining.

I’m itching to get our RV out for a weekend away.

I’ve been ready for Spring since Thanksgiving, and I’ve been preparing to take the RV out again for months.

Unfortunately, the first trip isn’t all about relaxation and time away like I want it to be. It’s also about getting the RV ready for the season. Big Lou hasn’t been cleaned in months, and I don’t even want to think about the layer of dust waiting for me.

Aside from general cleaning inside, we also need to de-winterize it, wash and wax the outside, oil all the hinges and locks, and clean out our bay storage (which haven’t been cleaned or organized since before our major Summer road trip).

Here are a few things I’m taking into account when planning our first trip out:

Choosing an RV park that allows maintenance (such as washing the RV on site) and making sure we have a site with full hookups. We don’t have a driveway or yard to wash Big Lou on, so we periodically search out an RV park specifically to wash and do basic maintenance.

Washing all the linens at home before I leave. If the sheets or towels turn out to be dusty or musty, it’s expensive to use the laundry mat at an RV park, so I’m just going to give everything a good wash ahead of time.

This goes for the dishes as well. I plan on running all the dishes and utensils through the dishwasher so I’m not stuck washing them by hand.

It’s still cold! Especially at night. I know I’m excited for Spring and Summer clothes and decorations in the RV, but I still need to pack fleece PJs, warm jackets and hats, extra blankets, and a space heater.

We tend to have random rainstorms pop up overnight in the Spring. So, I’ll pack extra towels to dry off the dogs, and extra shoes and pants for the kids. No point in letting a little rain and mud ruin my first trip out!

Despite all the “work” that needs to be done. We’re excited for our first trip! The kids can’t wait to get back into their toy loft and personal bunk TVs, the dogs … well, I don’t think the dogs care either way, and Stu and I can’t wait to sit around a warm fire pit on a chilly Spring night.

Katherine and her family love traveling, tasting new foods, and exploring our great nation. The Hunnicutts are on a mission to discover as much as they can on affordable, weekend trips in their RV. Follow her blog, The Paved Frontier to see their RV travels, advice and travel tips.



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