Fund Your RV Adventures with Work Camping

Posted on April 6, 2017

People who sell their homes and start living exclusively in their motorhomes or RVs are overwhelmingly older, retired folks. In fact, you may be thinking that you will just have to wait to realize your dream of living in and traveling the country in your very own class A motorhome, toy hauler, RUV or other RV. Unless you have a huge savings account or the kind of job that you can do from anywhere, however, how else can you swing it? One option is to try work camping, which means to pick up odd jobs wherever you happen to travel in your motorhome. Pick up tips for work camping while living out of a gas or diesel RV by reading on below.

RV Parks

One of the most obvious places to look for work while traveling in motorhomes is the park where you keep your class C motorhome. Oftentimes, parks and campgrounds hire campers as temp workers to help maintain the grounds or to handle various odd jobs. These kinds of jobs don't always pay cash. In fact, they usually involve some sort of discount on renting a site. If you play your cards right, you might even be able to park your diesel or gas RV or class A toy hauler for free much of the time.

National and State Parks

Getting a job at a national park or a state park isn't always easy. It largely depends on how popular the park is. Less frequented parks often need workers, however, so it is worth it to see if any places nearby have gigs that you can take. Many people work seasonally at certain parks to help make their travels more affordable. Once again, your efforts may net you a discounted or free space to park your gas RV, diesel RV, class A motorhome or other vehicle, or you may get an actual paycheck.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are always looking for employees. That's particularly true of huge parks that are open year-round. Many people travel in RVs for part of the year and work at amusement parks for the other part. It is usually easy to find a place to park a class A toy hauler, RUV or other motorhome near such parks. In fact, many amusement parks have on-site campsites and full hookups. The work may not be glamorous, but it will allow you to keep living your RVing lifestyle dreams.

Work Special Events

Another thing to keep your eyes peeled for is temp work at special events. From concerts to games to monster truck rallies, events like these often require a great deal of extra manpower. These types of events usually pass through more developed parts of the country, so it may be tricky to find a place to park your class C motorhome. A great tip is to identify annual events that usually need workers and to plan your travels around them. That way, you're already familiar with the work and with what's expected of you, which makes things a lot easier.


If you decide to give work camping a whirl, take heart in the knowledge that you're hardly alone. Plenty of others travel around in their RVs while working here and there to pay the bills. In fact, the RVing community is an excellent source of advice and assistance regarding work camping. Check with those in charge at parks and campgrounds to see if they have any recommendations. Get active on RVing sites and forums to gain additional insights. Check out publications like the Caretaker Gazette and Workamper News to learn about opportunities around the country. You will quickly discover that funding your toy hauler excursions with odd jobs isn't just possible--it's something that people do every day.

While work camping can be an effective way to make RVing more affordable, it's not for everyone. After all, the work doesn't tend to be very consistent, and you will have to look for it again and again. Still, in exchange for that, you will be able to live life on your terms. At the end of the day, the sense of satisfaction that you will get from financing everything through work camping is sure to make it all worth it.



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