Finally Time to Enjoy Life

Posted on February 23, 2017 By TruerWords

My husband and I had always imagined traveling later in life. When we started to plan our first trip, however, we were stunned by the high cost of airfare. Hotel stays were even more unaffordable. We’d never given a thought to RVs until we drove through North Carolina for some distance behind a Class A motorhome. Indeed, it was classy.

Being new to the world of motorhomes, I was unprepared for the vast array of choices. The possibilities for any lifestyle, price range and personal preference are endless. Our local dealer patiently explained the many designs and floor plans offered by Thor Motor Coach.

We considered a toy hauler with enough space to carry the entire contents of our living room. We laughed about the idea of downsizing to a sleek Class C motorhome and setting out for high adventure. Did we prefer a gas RV or diesel RV? How much room did we need? Who knew that RVs had such spacious, efficient kitchens?

The slide outs not only create versatile spaces for storage or extra living areas, but they come in handy during my occasional snits.

Choosing to buy a motorhome was the best decision we’ve ever made. Whether we’re headed for New England in the fall or Washington state in the spring, the destination is secondary to the journey. I never fully appreciated America until I traveled its byroads, contemplated its colors and got to know the locals in any given small town.

I never feel rushed as I would in an airport. When you're exploring the country's pathless geography in an RV, you feel as though you have all the time in the world. You're in control. Your plans can change. You can travel without making plans at all.

In case you’re wondering which RV we chose, nothing would do but the largest Class A motorhome that Thor Motor Coach makes. After all, our adult children may want to tag along now and then.


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