Discover the Perks of RV Camping at County Fairgrounds

Posted on January 13, 2017

Like anyone who owns, loves and regularly uses an RV, you're probably always looking for inexpensive places to park it for the night. Seeking out unconventional, but affordable campsites for motorhomes is smart because it frees up money that you can use for lots of fun things. The internet abounds with tips for finding affordable motorhome camping, but one area that people overlook is the county fairground. Learn about the advantages of parking your class C motorhome or other vehicle at county fairgrounds by reading on below.

Why County Fairgrounds?

You're probably wondering why on earth camping at county fairgrounds is a thing. First, just about every county in the U.S. holds an annual county fair, so just about every county has a designated fairgrounds. During those annual county fairs, rides, food stands and other attractions must be hauled in--plus the workers. As a result, fairgrounds are set up to accommodate decent numbers of RVs. Many even offer water and electrical hookups. When a fair or other event isn't going on, most county fairgrounds rent out campsites to generate a little income. And we do mean "a little"--rates at county fairgrounds tend to be wonderfully affordable. You can often snag a basic site for $10 or less per night and one with water and electrical for $20 or less per night.

Top Benefits

Affordability isn't the only reason that it pays to park a toy hauler or other motorhome at the county fairgrounds. A few other benefits include:

  • Wide Open Spaces - For all intents and purposes, county fairgrounds are typically little more than vast expanses of wide, open space. Many of them are largely overlooked by the RV-traveling public too, so it's usually easy to snag a great site with lots of open space around it. Gas and diesel RV owners with dogs will especially appreciate this.
  • Fun Activities - While you'll have to park elsewhere while a county fair is happening, parking at the fairgrounds lets you enjoy the other activities that often take place there. In many counties, various events roll through the fairgrounds throughout the year, so something is always happening. Some counties hold their farmer's markets and other attractions there too.
  • Central Location - Most of the time, county fairgrounds are close to just about everything that you could possibly need. Since they are a center of activity, they are often located close to major freeways and various services and amenities.

How to Find County Fairgrounds

If you'd like to take advantage of the benefits of parking your RV at a county fairgrounds, you're in luck. Locating county fairgrounds around the country is a snap. Before embarking on your next adventure in your class A motorhome, figure out which counties you'll likely end up in at the end of each day of driving. Do an online search for "[county name] + "fairgrounds" + "RV camping" to quickly learn whether or not fairgrounds camping will be an option. You'll quickly see that regardless of where you are, affordable camping at county fairgrounds is never too far away.

By taking advantage of affordable diesel and gas RV parking in county fairgrounds around the country, you can keep travel costs in check. Better still, you can use the money that you save to focus on more enjoyable things. Talk about a win-win situation!


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