Six Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Motorhome

December 4, 2019


Have a first-class holiday in your Class A RV! Six holiday decorating tips for your motorhome.

So much of holiday traditions are about the senses. A warm fire in the fireplace, flickering candles, the smell of cookies baking in the oven and the sounds of your favorite holiday tunes filling your living space with happiness. While you can enjoy the holidays just as happily in your motorhome as you do in your home, some modifications should be made to ensure a safe and energy-conscious celebration. Here are six tips for having a first-class holiday in your Class A motorhome.

  1. One of the most common holiday decorating traditions is hanging a wreath on your front door. In your motorhome, consider using adhesive hooks to display your wreath. Look for those that come with the 3M adhesive to ensure a strong adhesion. Just be sure to remember to take your wreath inside before you drive away or you will may never see it again!

  2. For some, it’s not the holidays without hearing certain songs or watching classic movies. Lucky for you, all Thor Motor Coach motorhomes come standard with the latest technology in home entertainment. From Bluetooth®, soundbars, exterior TVs, whole-coach speaker systems and Wi-Fi and satellite ready systems, you can stream music and movies the whole night. If you feel more comfortable with Blu-Ray systems, we have those too. Hang a wreath on your Vegas® Class A RUV™ then put your feet up while you enjoy your favorite holiday movie. Look for these other holiday-friendly features:

    • Two-burner gas cooktop for heating up cocoa
    • TVs in the living room and bedroom for Christmas music and movies
    • 82” interior ceiling height – room for a tree!

  3. Forgo the open flame. In an enclosed space like a motorhome, it is best to opt out of open flames for safety reasons but that does not mean you can’t experience the flicker of candles. Battery operated flameless candles offer the ambient light and flicker effect of candles without the danger that comes with a pet or child knocking it over. You can even find battery-operated menorahs that have low voltage LED lights which save energy as well.
  1. December 4th is National Cookie Day and what better way to celebrate than by baking cookies and decorating them! December 13th is National Cocoa Day and we think it comes at a great time. Combine these two days into one and enjoy the tastes and aromas of the holidays. Get cozy in front of your electric fireplace with your snowflake mug of cocoa and plate of cookies. If your motorhome doesn’t have a fireplace, simply turn your TV to the virtual fireplace which you can find on many streaming apps as well as YouTube for free. You can improvise if your motorhome does not have an oven as well. Just buy premade cookies and heat them in the microwave! In A.C.E.® motorhomes, bake away in the oven with bifold door or these other fun features for pets and patio as well.

    • Pet-friendly Kibble Station™ for treats
    • Oven and microwave for baking cookies
    • Power patio awning with LED lights
  1. Missing the scent candles offer? Try oil diffusers instead. You can even find battery-operated versions. Simply pour water inside the fill chamber and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, replace the lid and turn on. Within seconds you will see a thin mist of water vapor carrying the oil into the air. Try peppermint or cinnamon oils for saturated holiday scents.
  1. Dress your motorhome in themed textiles such as throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and towels. Take your favorite wrapping paper and wrap picture frames like presents or for a real big festive touch, wrap interior doors and complete the look with ribbons and bows. In Aria® motorhomes you can hang stockings on the fireplace and string lights indoors and out. Check out these other festive features in the Aria!

    • Hang stockings above your electric fireplace
    • Pop up outlets in kitchen counters for lights
    • Throw festive pillows on your king-size bed

How do you decorate your motorhome for the holidays? We would love to see it. Text your photos to our Happy Camper text line at 574-584-2074!

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