Dealing with Summer Crowds in Your RV

Posted on July 24, 2017

Summer vacations in your class A or class C motorhome can be invigorating, relaxing and fun. However, they can also be crowded. After all, most other gas or diesel RV owners are planning trips at the same time. Therefore, before heading out this summer, you should know these tips for handling the crowds in your toy hauler.

The best way to stake your claim at busy campgrounds this summer is to plan ahead. If you want to ensure that there is space for your diesel or gas RV, make a reservation. Many campgrounds accept reservations far in advance, which means you may need to solidify your travel schedule months in advance as well. For the most popular campsites, you may need to plan six months or even a year early.

Another factor to consider when making your reservations is the day of the week. Undoubtedly, campgrounds are most popular during the weekend. The reasons are obvious. Most people already have weekends off from work, which makes those days better for travel. If you can afford to take more days off work, however, you can plan your trip during the week. Even crowded campgrounds will be less busy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Moreover, think outside the box when planning a trip in your class C or class A motorhome. While snagging a spot in the most popular campground may seem like a feat, you may find that you enjoy a less popular alternative instead. Picking a campground a little farther away from the main attraction can give you more space and flexibility. This means the bathrooms will be less crowded, the restaurants will be less full and the trails will be less busy. You may want to even think about adjusting your destinations during the summer. Countless motorhomes visit Yellowstone or Yosemite, but there are other beautiful parks that are worth your time.

Even if you make a reservation, your motorhome will still be one among many. Therefore, timing is very important. Many people like to sleep in late and stay up late. Because of this, the road is often crowded at these times. You can skip the worst of the crowds in your class A toy hauler by leaving earlier. Getting up at sunrise may seem undesirable for your vacation at first, but it means less traffic and far better views.

It is also advisable to come fully prepared. The more supplies you have in your RUV, the less you have to contend with others. For example, if you pack your lunches, then you will not have to fight for a spot at local restaurants. If you have enough clothes, you will not have to wait in line to wash them. These small things can really slow you down in the summer when the campgrounds are packed. By being thorough in your plans, your RV trip can be that much more enjoyable.

With these simple considerations, you easily can enhance your RV summer adventures. To enjoy your trip even more, make sure you have the best motorhome with Thor Motor Coach. This respected brand makes RVs of all sizes and styles, ensuring that you can pick the right one for your vacation goals. Learn more at a local dealer, and start your summer travels as soon as possible.


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