Canoe, Kayak, SUP Trips

July 10, 2019


There’s no doubt that water sports require extra gear. From skis, life jackets or PFDs, paddles, helmets and the boats and boards themselves, you need a lot of storage space. Our featured RVs have extra storage compartments so all you have to do is find the water.

Vegas® RUV™ Motorhomes

The Vegas is full of hidden gems. The best of all worlds, the Vegas drives like an SUV but has an interior ceiling height of 80”. The well-appointed bedroom, bathroom and kitchen will let you know this is no ordinary SUV. When you start loading up for that flatwater lake or whitewater river, the exterior storage compartments provide the best space to tote your things.

  • Lighted rotocast storage compartments
  • Outside shower
  • Tankless water heater

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 Tuscany® Class A Diesel

When you want space and comfort in every possible way, then go big! Tuscany diesel pushers - the big boys of the RV kingdom have storage space so large it can only be described as a basement. If you’re on the water all day, your muscles can take a beating. Easily store your gear just above ground level in the “basement.” Rest up in the luxurious living and sleeping spaces in a Tuscany so you can do it all over again on day two!

  • Basement pass-through storage
  • Lighted storage compartments
  • Easy slide storage tray

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Magnitude® Super C Motorhomes

The Magnitude is not a Class C motorhome, it’s much, much more. This Super C not only has the interior roominess to provide you and a companion the residential ease you need but it also has many exterior features in case you want to keep the night alive. Eat dinner, watch TV or listen to music, you may never need to step foot inside - not that you will be able to resist.

  • Flush mount radius compartment doors
  • 10,000-lb. trailer hitch for towing your toys
  • Exterior kitchen in select models

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