Brewery Tours

September 12, 2019


Incorporating a brewpub tour into a road trip is a way to pack more leisure fun into your trip. Maybe you are returning home from tailgating or driving home from the Hershey RV show where you just saw our latest floor plans, why not turn part of your trip into a brewery tour? Just make sure you always have a designated driver.

Of course, you can make the brewery tour a fun friends’ trip. The Compass® RUV™ can sleep up to three people and has seatbelts for four.  The water heater is also tankless so everyone can shower without the worry of losing hot water.

Compass® RUV™

  • Sleeps three with seatbelts for four
  • Tankless water heater
  • Maneuverable on city streets and in parking lots

Once you know approximately which route you will be taking on your road trip, you can start searching for breweries in those areas. Cross-reference with a campground search and all that is left to do is decide who is driving. The Chateau® RV has SiriusXM® tuner and antenna so you can appreciate some ad-free music on your journey. And don’t forget the refrigerator where you can bring home souvenir bottles of your favorite brew. Sleeping capacity ranges from four to seven, depending on the floor plan.

Chateau® Class C

  • Touchscreen dash radio with SiriusXM®
  • Residential refrigerator in 31W floor plan
  • Sleeps anywhere from four to seven

Some RVers already plan to have a meal out and take some time off preparing food. Many brewpubs also serve food that has been selected to complement the craft brews. And typically the same attention to complex flavors is also given to other sections of the menu. After dinner, head back to your Windsport® and relax while entertaining up to eight overnight guests. The large refrigerator holds as much as your home fridge and we didn’t forget the ice.

Windsport® Class A

  • 10” touchscreen radio with Bluetooth®, navigation & SiriusXM® radio
  • Sleeps up to nine
  • Bath-and-a-half in 35M floor plan

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