The ABCs of Motorhome Classes

November 27, 2019


Class A motorhomes are the largest and often most expensive. Because space is not as much of an issue, more luxury items such as full-sized refrigerators, washers and dryers, and sleeping areas for 7-10 people can be included. The real difference in Class A motorhomes is the commercial bus chassis they are built on. Think Rockstar tour bus. They are also sometimes built on a commercial truck chassis like an 18-wheeler. This large motorhome needs to be supported with larger tires and more durable components overall. Towing capacity is improved with this powerful vehicle/home. A Diesel Pusher is a Class A with a diesel-powered engine located in the back. Gas-powered engines are located in the front. Toy Haulers – RVs with a garage inside – can also be a Class A. Challenger® Class A motorhomes are gas-powered but still feature the strength and luxury of our diesel pushers for example:

  • Ford® F-53 chassis
  • Two bathrooms in most models
  • Prepped for washer and dryer

Click here for more about Challenger.

Class B motorhomes are sometimes called a camper van and typically sleeps two. These smaller, van-like motorhomes have all the perks of a Class A in terms of a kitchen, sleeping area and bathroom but on a much smaller scale. Whereas a Class A motorhome could potentially have multiple slideouts, entire rooms that expand the interior living space, a Class B would have none. Class Bs are not without their advantages though. They are usually cheaper than Class As and are much easier to drive, park and store due to their more compact size. Our newest Class B van, Sequence™ is not your ordinary van due to amenities like:

  • RAM Promaster® window van chassis
  • Twin beds with Froli® sleep system
  • Optional Re(Li)able™ battery system

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Class C motorhomes are easy to spot by their stereotypical sleeping area over the cab. They are smaller than a Class A and larger than a Class B. They are built on a van or truck chassis but have more space than a Class B not only from the extra sleeping area over the cab but because they typically have slideouts. Class Cs are also available on Sprinter chassis built by Mercedes Benz. Class C motorhomes are the most flexible because they can come in smaller versions or large versions depending on the size of the chassis. They are easy to maneuver, feel more like you’re driving a truck than a bus, at a lower price point than Class A RVs, and can comfortably sleep 4-8 people. Four Winds® Class C features are an excellent mix of comfort and ease such as:

  • Ford®, Chevrolet® or Mercedes-Benz® chassis
  • Residential refrigerator in select models
  • Variety of floor plans to choose from including gas or diesel

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