A New Year's Resolution We Can Keep

Posted on January 4, 2017

This year we decided to make a New Year's resolution that we might actually keep and that is to organize our Class A Motorhome from top to bottom. We decided to divide each area of the RV into sections so that the task wouldn't be so overwhelming.

We keep a binder over the driver's seat with all of our RVs important papers. We divided each area into sections, added some plastic sleeves, and this is where we keep our insurance, information about our Motorhome including the manufacturer's phone number and roadside assistance contact. We also keep all of our discount cards in here including Good Sam and Passport America and our maps. We have our Texas State Park Annual Pass and all of the places we've stayed including our favorite spaces so we know where to ask for next time. This is also where we keep our checklist for setting up and breaking down camp.

We have cats that travel with us and that presents a unique challenge. To protect the life of our sofa and chairs, we purchased some inexpensive slip covers. We also use disposable litter boxes from the grocery store that we throw out every day. Hooray!

In the kitchen, we use both paper and plastic plates. We corral those in a dish cradle. We didn't want to screw anything into our cabinets, so we purchased Sugru that is a moldable rubber that we made into custom hangers for our coffee cups. We used double-sided tape and inexpensive hanging bags to gather up the light items in the cabinet. Under the sink, we added a trash bag holder that slips over the door and another basket holder to keep the clean plastic bags in.

In the pantry, we are using magazine holders for foil and our other wraps. We also added a magnetic spice rack and a cork board for the grocery list.

For the countertop, we found a nice wooden container to put our everyday necessities in like salt and pepper, spices we use all the time and our olive oil. We put it on the non-skid mat that we bought at the camping store and so far, so good.

I added washable mats to the refrigerator. They're a bright red print and I don't have to spend extra time cleaning when things tip over and spill.

The canned goods were moved from the pantry to under the dinette. We re-vamped the pantry so that we can be gone for a weekend and not bring any food. We always have canned milk, instant coffee, microwave rice and beans, instant macaroni and cheese and canned chicken. It's not gourmet food, but it's quick and easy.

We are still working on the basement area. We'd like to install a pull-out slide for an additional refrigerator. We've used plastic bins for overflow items clearly marked on the outside with their contents.

Regardless of whether you have a Gas RV or a Diesel RV, if you fill up the tank on your way home, it will be one less thing to worry about when you start the next time. Motorhomes are great fun and we're all about making the journey more about pleasure and less about work. Join us and see the country in a Thor Motor Coach Toy Hauler, Class C Motorhome or Class A Motorhome.



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